PS3 Emulator For Android Apk

If you are a game lover and want to play station games on your android device then you might be at the right spot. All you need is to download PS3 Emulator Apk and install it on your android device. That’s it now you can play Play Station games on your android device. This is what PS3 Emulator For Android can do for you.

PS3 Emulator For Android

PS3 Emulator For Android

Many of us had a dream to play Play station games on android but there was no emulator available on the market that makes our dreams true. Thanks to the developer of PS3 Emulator For Android now we can play amazing games on our android mobiles.

It is more important to note that PS3 Emulator Apk can run almost every Play Station game but due to cross-platform issues some games might not work. If the game is not compatible then you have no solution to run it in any way.

Please note that this emulator does not contain any games when you download it from You have to explicitly download Games files and you have to include them separately.

Additional Inforamtion

Version 0.0.20 alpha
Developer rpcs3
OS Android
Ratings 4+
Updated on 21 October 2023
Category Emulators
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PS3 Emulator Apk

PS3 Emulator Apk

Cloud Gaming

This emulator will defiantly help you to play games on an android device using cloud gaming technology. Now you do not need any particular specification to run any heavy game. All you need is just a strong internet connection and all the hardware will be provided by the cloud gaming team.


ps3 emulator

ps3 emulator

Now with the help of PS3 Emulator For Android, you can play Play Station games for free. Before this emulator, it was not possible to play station games on android but thanks to the developer now you can play the following games.

  • Mafia Definitive Addition
  • Celeste
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • The Last of US
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Windbound

These are some games that you can enjoy with this emulator. The games are not limited there are hundreds and thousands of games that you can play with this emulator.

Supported File Extensions

here are some file extensions that are currently supported by the PS3 Emulator For Android. Given below

  • .bin
  • .mdf
  • .pbp
  • .iso
  • .toc
  • .cbn
  • .m3u
  • .zip
  • .img
  • .cue


If you love to play games on Play Station and now you want to play all these games on your android phone then PS3 Emulator Apk might be best for you. For this, you must have powerful gaming mobile with high specifications. So that you can run the games very smoothly.


Q: Is it Possible To Run PS3 Games On Android?

Ans: Yes, with a PS3 emulator you can now run these games on your android device. But it is more important to note that you must have powerful gaming mobile in order to run these games smoothly.

Q: How I can download PS3 Emulator For Android?

Ans: Downloading a PS3 emulator is simple. All you need is to download its apk from

Q: IS the PS3 emulator free to use?

Ans: Yes, this emulator is free for everyone. You do not need to purchase anything additional.