Today the entertainment industry has evolved so much that we don’t need to go to cinemas to watch our favorite entertainment movies. And we don’t even need a television to do this. All we need is a video streaming application like the Foxi Apk that can be directly downloaded to our mobile phones.

Application Overview

Foxi Apk

Foxi Apk

In the old times, people used to watch different theatre shows for the sake of entertainment. Later on, the cinemas took their place and big screen became the source of fun and entertainment for the people.

Televisions are also old these days and many people have laptops and smartphones in their pockets. With an increase in these devices and movies and dramas, online streaming apps and websites have increased drastically.

Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, etc are the primary streaming apps. Many use these services to watch all different sorts of movies and television shows. The only problem with these apps is that they are paid and not everyone is willing to pay money to watch movies.

This is where the Foxi app comes into play. This application lets you watch movies, tv shows, seasons, and different drama series for free. You do need to pay a single penny to enjoy entertainment on this app.

Another important feature of this app is that you can watch different channels. If you want sports channels you can get live streaming of those channels. If you want to watch the news you will get tons of local and international news channels free of cost.

Additional Information

Name Foxi
Last version 4.16
Size 16 MB
Downloads 10,000+
Ratings 4+
Updated 11 February 2024
Category Entertainment
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Foxi Application Description

Foxi Apk

Foxi Apk

If you are looking for a free service where you can watch free entertainment content like movies, tv shows, seasons, sports, news, etc then you are at the right place. The Foxi Apk will provide you with all these perks for free.

Now with the Foxi app, you don’t need to buy heavy subscriptions to the platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu as you get all of their content for free here. Apart from the paid feature, there is also another disadvantage of using these apps and services.

They only have limited content as they only have their content on their websites. So if you want to watch the content of Amazon Prime you have to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix content on Netflix.

You also can not watch old classic shows and movies of your choice on these apps. All of these problems are solved by this app as no matter which country you belong to, no matter if you need Hollywood or Bollywood content, you will get that in this app that too for free.

Foxi Application Features

Foxi Apk

Foxi Apk

Being an online video streaming application, the Foxi Apk promises to bring quality content without lag to its users. So below are some other features of this app that you should know about.

Watch Quality Movies



If you want movies that you can watch in your free time then this application has a vast library of high-quality movies. No matter from which region you belong and what sort of movie you want to watch, you will get that in this app.

Watch Different TV Series And Shows



If you are not a huge fan of movies but you love to watch different drama series and TV shows then don’t worry as this app brings a huge collection of all-time famous tv series and shows from around the world. Whether it be suspense or thriller r even adventure, you will get all of them here.

High-Quality Content

Most of the free apps like these have an issue regarding quality and you don’t get HD-quality videos here. But being a top-performing video streaming app, this application brings High-Quality movies and TV shows to you. You will be amazed by the quality of content that this app has.

No Lag

Another feature of this app that most of the other applications of this kind do not have is that all of them have video content that lags as their servers are very slow. But you won’t be facing this problem in this application. Due to the fast servers and high streaming quality, you won’t be having any sort of lag in your videos.

Watch Live Channels

Many people watch television nowadays. Most of them watch the TV due to the live news or live sports. But what if tell you that you will get live streaming of all of your favorite news channels and sports channels in this application? You can watch football, cricket, tennis, etc for free here. Just tune into your favorite channel and enjoy.

What’s New?

  • We have updated the version to the latest version 4.16


Finding an app that satisfies all of your needs in one place is very hard these days. The same is the case with video streaming applications. But the Foxi Apk brings all of the video streaming services like movies, tv shows, dramas live TV, etc for free all in a single app. And there are no lag or low-quality content issues here. So don’t wait hit the download button right now and enjoy.