Tomato Movies

Finding the best app for all your entertainment needs is very hard today. This is because there is an abundance of these sorts of applications. But there is one app that everyone can count on and that is the Tomato Movies Apk. This app has the capability of providing you with high-quality content such as movies, TV shows, Web series, and much more.

Application Overview

Tomato Movies Apk

Tomato Movies Apk

I know you are one of those people who struggle to find all of their favorite content and their details as they are scattered around the whole web. But what if you are provided with an app that has all of the things you need under one roof?

It is pretty much possible now with this app. And what this app does is it gathers all of the movies, and other shows that are released to date, and made some nice collections for you to view.

So now not only you will be able to watch the movie or a show itself but you can also view the trailer directly from this app. Multiple video streaming qualities are also available for you to enjoy.

Additional Information

version 1.1.3
Required Android 5.5 and up
Downloads 20000+
Size 28 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 15 March 2023
Category Entertainment
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Why Tomato Movies

Tomato Movies

Tomato Movies

Having one such application that can give you your favorite content to stream and that too for free is a blessing. And that blessing is provided by the Tomato Movies Apk which is a free video streaming and live TV application.

You can use this app if you want to watch high-quality movies, web series, TV shows, or any form of documentary. And if you are a person who loves to interact with organized apps, then this app is the best suited for you.

Tomato Movies Features

Tomato Movies

Tomato Movies

Being a free video streaming platform, the main purpose of the app is to provide video content without any subscription, but more features of the Tomato Movies Apk can be read below.

Get The Movie Details

Now getting the details of each movie and a web series is very much easy from this app. You can easily get all the information like cast and crew, movie genre, year of release, reviews, and event IMDb rating directly from this app.

Watch The Trailer

If you find a movie attractive and want to view the trailer first, then you don’t have to leave the app for that purpose. A trailer section is also there for you t watch and decide whether the content is worth watching or not.

Watchlist Feature

A watchlist feature is very much useful when you are just scrolling and looking for content that you can watch. You can add them to your watchlist to have easy access to them in the future.

Get The Subtitles

Sometimes we miss the minor details of a video just due to the lack of understanding. So this is where the subtitles come to the rescue. So you will get subtitles in many languages for all of your content.

Stream In Different Resolutions

If you have slow internet, then streaming in the best possible HD quality is not possible. For that reason, to provide you with uninterrupted streaming, you have different resolutions in which you can watch your content depending upon the data plan that you have.

Huge Collection Of Movies And Shows

One of the primary features of the application for which it has been designed is the collection of the content that it provides. It has a huge collection of movies from different genres, such as action, adventure, thriller, etc. And same is the case with the web series also.

Personalized Suggestions

As long as you are on the app, the app detects your every action. The movies you watch and the content you look for. This all data is used for providing you with suggestions that you may like in terms of the content that you may want to watch.


Whether you’re a classic film lover or a binge-watcher, Tomato Movies APK has something for everyone. So why waste time searching for the perfect movie or TV show when you can have it all at your fingertips with this user-friendly and free-of-cost app.