911 Operator Mod

We all are familiar that how the 911 department is supporting and helping people whenever they need them. And now it’s becoming the dream job of many to work as an operator at the 911 department.

911 Operator Mod Apk

911 Operator Mod Apk

But all can’t fulfill their dream, so for this purpose 911 Operator Mod Apk is designed where you can pretend to be an emergency call operator.

The incoming calls will tell you about the extremely critical situation they will be going through and you have to respond on time.

Giving a response on time will save the lives of many, maybe the call you are receiving will be from the father of dying father, it may be from the prankster, or can be from a person trapped in a burning building.

It will be up to you how you will provide the first aid, in some situations you can provide and guide them about first aid on call, and on another hand, you need to send your security and physical aid team on spot to check upon.

Additional Information

Name 911 operator
Ratings 4.1
Size 87 MB
Version 4.11.17

18 February 2022

Offered by Games Operators S.A
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911 Operator Mod Apk

911 Operator Mod Apk

Some of the main highlights of this application are mentioned and categorized below for your ease.

Pre-Recorded Calls

The call you will be getting as an emergency call operator will be prerecorded and none of the situations will be real, these prerecorded calls have been saved and recorded from the live incidents a few years ago.

But to make the situation realistic you will be made to hear real voices and instructions of humans on the call.

Live Response

React on tie to make someone’s life savings. It will entirely be up to you how would you react on time, sending an ambulance instead of fire brigades on the incident of a burning building will be considered as your fault.

As you as an operator are considered to send the real and accurate help at the spot of the incident. Similarly, if you are getting two calls at the same time asking for ambulance help, it will be up to you which needy person you will suggest relying on first aid. As every call you will be receiving will not be in such an emergency.

Live Locations

Also 911 Operator Mod Apk will be supported with the live location of the victims, the place where the incident happened will be displayed over your screen with the live location.

Incident Details

Also every time a new incident will happen it will be narrated to you with the help of the guideposts so you will be required to read them with keen interest.

Because there will be suggestions by the seniors in each guidepost according to the incident that happened, so it will also help you in making the better and right decision on time.

Choose Options

While talking to the person available at the place of incident you will be asked to choose among the variety of options, you will have to select any option of your choice.

Your chosen option will be shared with the person on call and he will keep updating you about the live situation of the incident being happened there. In short, your chosen option will be linking every detail of the incident and will help you know more about it.


911 Operator Mod Apk will surely make the dream come true of those who always had a dream to work in emergency responding departments.

It will provide you same interface as every operator in the emergency office goes through every single day.