Age of Z Mod

Age of Z Origins Mod Apk is no doubt one of the best Zombie Killing games. The game is played only by applying strategies. The zombies have bought the darkness in your city by killing all living mankind there. And you will be the only light for your city.

Age of Z Mod Apk

Age of Z Mod Apk

Build your city again from the scratch. And revive your team teammates. Kill zombies by applying strategies.

Make your domed city survive again by recruiting your army again to get charged against the zombies. Collect the resources to make your city again constructed.

Thrive against zombies by recruiting commanders from all around the world. . Seize your city to lead a new age of humanity.

Once you get into the game you will surely be addicted to it soon. Revive your civilization, rescue refugees to lead the world again.

Additional Information

Ratings 4.4
Size 409 MB
Total Downloads 10 M+
Version Latest
Updated on 18 February 2022
Offered by camel games Ltd
Category Games
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Age of Z Mod Apk

Age of Z Mod Apk

The Age of Z Mod Apk has many features and highlights which one can accept from any high-end mobile application. Some of the main highlights of the game are discussed below.


Survive and make your team survive no matter what scenarios and situations become. Build massive buildings as shelters and upgrade your heavy machine guns.

Fight with many mutants. You will have to fight with mutants bear, zombies, and deadly monsters. So make yourself ready for it.

Upgrade your team with skills and upgraded weapons so they will never miss any chance to defeat the monsters in the city.


By clearing the zombies recruit your army and then build your city step by step. First, get into the hospitals after that by following the instructions build the rest of city too. Build and cultivate in farmlands too, make your living houses bigger.

Once you get into the revivals of the city follow the map and pick up the place of your choice in the city which you want to revive first.

Unlock many more prosperity phases to develop your world more and more so to have the lead over the entire city.


Make your alliance lead the world with real-time battles. Fighting with the zombies will be the beginning only many more dangers will come in your way.

Defeat them all through your diplomatic policy and rule over your city. Have massive war over land, resources, and buildings too.

Modded Version

After reading the main features you might are wondering what are those features are not available in the official version but are in the Modded version? So here is a simple review.

As the game itself is well designed and doesn’t need any advancement. But the only restriction you might face for this game is the no availability of the game in your area.

Because the game is only available for fewer countries in the world and you may face this difficulty too. If you still want to play this game and are facing the restriction of overplaying it then download its Modded version that will let you play the game even in your city too.


As far as our verdict is taken into count the Age of Z Mod Apk is no doubt masterpiece itself. It will never let you be bored once you get into the game.

Every new stage of the game will have its features and tools will which give the illusion of a completely new game.

If you want to play the game of building and recruiting then we highly recommend you this game as the game has a unique idea and theme too.

Along with this, the graphic of the game makes it worth downloading too because the developers of the game had put much of their efforts into the graphics and color gradient of the game.


Q: Is Age of Z is available on the google play store?

Yes, it is but in some countries it is restricted so there will be the availability of the game in those restricted countries.

Q: Is Age of Z Apk is free?

Yes, it is complexly free to install and play.

Q: Does Age of Z include in-app purchases?

Yes, it does include some amount on in-app purchases but you will have an open choice, if you want to buy those items then purchases them otherwise you will not be forced to do so.