Attack Hole Mod

Ever wondered what it’s like to control a black hole, gobbling up weapons and facing giant adversaries? Well, welcome to Attack Hole Mod Apk, where the gaming experience gets an exciting upgrade. This isn’t your average mobile game, it’s a journey filled with unlimited resources, cool features, and the thrill of navigating a black hole through challenges. Let’s explore how Attack Hole turns ordinary gaming into an extraordinary adventure.

Game Overview

Attack Hole Mod Apk

Attack Hole Mod Apk

Attack Hole, transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. As players dive into the game, they find themselves in control of a black hole, a cosmic force on a mission. The objective is clear: guide the black hole through intricate challenges, swiftly collecting an array of weapons scattered across the screen. The twist? Time is ticking. Players must act with precision, gathering arms before the clock runs out, all while navigating the dynamic and visually engaging game environment.

The game introduces players to a variety of black hole styles, each adding a unique layer to the gaming experience. From the traditional black hole to those influenced by elements like speed, wind, ice, and inversion, players can choose a style that resonates with their gaming strategy. Each type presents its own challenges, demanding players to adapt and strategize, adding a delightful complexity to the gameplay.

In the pursuit of victory, players encounter special black holes with distinctive abilities. The “cut all weapons” black hole acts as a game-changer, removing all obstacles and weapons from the screen upon impact. This strategic element requires players to skillfully position the ball to maximize the benefits of this unique feature. It’s not just about collecting weapons; it’s about utilizing the environment to your advantage.

One of the game modes propels players into the heart of chaos, challenging them to become attackers in a giant bomb room. As the player maneuvers the ball through this tumultuous space, the clock ticks down, adding urgency to the mission. Supporting items like time-stops, shadow clones, protection, and speed boosts introduce an additional layer of strategy, creating a dynamic and time-sensitive gameplay experience.

Additional Information

Latest Version
Requires Android
7.0 and up
Size 200 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 September 2023
Category Games
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Game Features

Attack Hole Mod Apk

Attack Hole Mod Apk

Below are the features of Attack Hole Mod Apk.

Endless Customization With Black Hole Styles:

Attack Hole introduces a fascinating variety of black hole styles, each with its distinct characteristics. Players can choose from traditional black holes to those influenced by elements like speed, wind, ice, and inversion. This diversity not only adds visual flair to the game but also significantly impacts gameplay, requiring players to adapt their strategy based on the chosen black hole style.

Cut All Weapons

The inclusion of the “cut all weapons” black hole adds a strategic layer to the game. When the player’s ball hits this unique black hole, all obstacles and weapons on the screen are instantly removed. Mastering the placement and timing of the ball becomes crucial, as players strategically utilize this feature to clear the path, making progression smoother and introducing a thoughtful element to the gameplay.

Diverse Weapons And Obstacles:

Attack Hole

Attack Hole

Attack Hole Mod Apk keeps players on their toes by introducing a variety of weapons and obstacles throughout the game. From movable and stationary obstacles to direction arrows and more, each level presents a new set of challenges.

Multi-Mode Gameplay

The game introduces a captivating mode where players become attackers in a chaotic giant bomb room. This mode adds an extra layer of challenge, requiring players to navigate their ball through a hazardous environment filled with bombs and obstacles.

Resource Management And Upgrades:

Attack Hole incorporates a rich resource and upgrade system, allowing players to utilize in-game currency strategically. Players can purchase powerful props, such as acceleration items, to ease their level progression. Moreover, the in-game currency can be used to upgrade the attributes of the black hole, such as absorption range and movement speed, providing players with a sense of progression and empowerment.

Attractive Skins For Personalization:

To add a touch of personalization, the game offers a range of attractive skins for the black hole. Players can unlock and choose from different skins, allowing them to customize their gaming experience. This feature not only adds a visual element but also lets players establish their unique style within the game, enhancing the overall enjoyment of Attack Hole.


In Attack Hole, every level presents a fresh challenge, testing players’ dexterity and reflexes. The fusion of absorbing, attacking, and strategic challenges ensures a continually engaging experience. From the absorbing visuals to the escalating difficulty, Attack Hole Mod Apk offers a delightful blend of entertainment and challenge, making it a standout in the realm of casual gaming. So download the game now.