Badland Brawl Mod

It is an event-based game where you will see and indulge in your favorite event. Badland Brawl Mod Apk is a game with mini characters that will be your team and you have to make them cross through every stage. Make sure to avoid obstacles on the way to last long the character’s health.

Badland Brawl Mod Apk

Epic action game where you have to avoid the explosive materials on the way that will reduce the health of your character.

Additional Information

Ratings 4.3
Size 136 MB
Total Downloads 10M+
Updated on 18 February 2022
Offered by Frogmind
Category Games
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Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl

the main highlight and the features that you will find in this game are mentioned below.

  • Battle ModePhysics Based
  • Chain Reaction
  • Rewards
  • Customization
  • Progress
  • Tribes
  • Private Duels
  • New Tactics
  • Magical Event
  • Graphics

Battle Mode

Experience the battle mode with your fellow players. This extreme battle mode will be between you and your opponents on the same chain. Make them hurt using the explosive material. Keep going through every stage individually to have to keep going progress in the game.


Every move will be physics-based, gravity will be its more concern. Try to avoid the moving and free fall objects to have to keep going progress.

Make moves keeping gravity in your mind. Because once you get into the game and finish your earlier stages upcoming stages will be the more difficult ones because there will be a lot of free-falling objects thus can massive explode that will make your character hurt.

Chain Reaction

Play in chain mode to overwhelm your opponent. So use the best path and best move that will make sure that the ease in next stages.

Once you chose one part to move in the game next stages will be affected by that too. Choosing a difficult path will cause difficulty in the next stages too.

So play in chain mode to make your opponent defeated by your moves and the strategies you will be used in choosing the best path.


Your rewards will be earned in the completion of the tasks and the stage, best of the game is it is rich in awards and rewards.

On the completion of tasks, stage you will not only earn the rewards but you can use those reward later to unlock next stages and it will let you skip you many stages at once.

These rewards can save you from in-app purchases too, that is if you want to unlock and buy and the in-application item you can use your rewards instead of the real money.


Explore the world and hatch the eggs with multiple items to customize your characters and weapons.


Show your keep going progress in the game, it will put a great impact on your progress chart and the amount of the rewards will be based on the progress you will show in your game.


Join various tribes in the game that will let you become more powerful by recruiting your army with the help of the tribes. These tribes will help you have to keep going progress in the game too.

Private Duels

Also, challenge your tribemates and friends to have private duels.

New Tactics

Learn new tactics through the game that will let you be more professional in the game. These tactics learned from the video can be used later in the next stages of the game.

Magical Event

Make your character safe from the magical spells in the dark event. This dark event is considered to be the difficult one. Keep your character safe from the magical spells of the opponent tribe.


One of the key factors towards the success of this game is its animation and graphic. Everything in the game has very detailed graphics that look more than a cartoonist movie than a game.

This game is adored for its animation and graphics it has. Developers have put their efforts to create detailed animation of this game.


Also, this application will not cost you a single penny over its installation. Along with this, it can be played freely on every android based gadget too.


No doubt this Badland Brawl Mod Apk is the best for not only its graphics but the storyline and theme it has. This free mobile game is worth downloading. Once you will install and play it you will surely be going to love it.