Battle Bay Mod

Choose your ship and weapon and go on battle with your friends. The storyline of Battle Bay Mod Apk is about fighting and shooting.

Battle Bay Mod Apk

Battle Bay Mod Apk

Battle Bay Mod Apk

But this is not an ordinary fighting game but it’s about fighting over your ship, you have to select the ship of your choice and weapon too.

Also, select your friends with whom you want to go on the battle as this game allows 5v5 battle mode. But use team strategy to stay in touch with each other so you can easily make the opponent fail with your clever strategies.

You will be allowed to join the guild and arena to be more dominant in the entire game. Be ready and chose the best weapon after all you will sink or will win.

Additional Information

Name Battle Bay
Ratings 4.3
Size 249 MB
Updated on 18 February 2022
Version 4.8.22677
Offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Games
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Choose Ship

Choose your ship for battle from a huge list of fighting ships. But be careful while choosing your ship as every ship will have its power and feature which will be helping you out in the battle. As the shooter ship will have a huge collection of weapons, the speeder ship will float fast and speedy. Similarly, the enforcer is a versatile ship, and the fixer will let you have a simple balance with your friend’s ships. Also, you can later level p your ship to hot more and more points and to get more powers.

Collect Weapon

Collect and choose the best weapon from a huge collection of weapons, because the type of weapon you will be using will put an impact on the progress of the game. So get ready to make your fire powers up with the type of weapons you will be using.

Host Competition

One of the best features you will have on this Battle Bay Mod Apk is to host your competition. You will be asked to invite your friends after the creation of the lobby.

So you can add 10 friends in your created lobby and divide them into 2 groups each having 5 players. You also can join any of created teams and later start a battle with your friends.

Also, you can play in 1v1 mode too, with the same procedure of creating a lobby, and then add any of your friends and start the battle.

Earn Rewards

Join a guild or go on tournaments with your teammates to earn rewards and coins at the end of the tournaments. Hence you will earn a huge collection of rewards which you can use later in an exchange for in-app items.

Discover Arenas

Later in succeeding stages you can discover new areas and start battle there with opponents show you learn tactics and use your learned strategies there too.

Make yourself appear on the leader board with the highest score in the game, and challenge others to compete with you in your score.


You can control the ships with very basic and easy gestures right by tapping on your phone’s screen using your thumbs. You will enjoy how you will be controlling the ship and will shoot through that ship too.


Battle Bay Mod Apk is no doubt a very unique game having a unique theme, idea, and genre. There are very few games that got successful with their unique idea and it’s one of them.

So if you are looking for a completely unique game with unique features and tools you should try out this application it is really worth playing.