Battle Cats Mod

Ever wondered what would happen if cats take over the entire world? Cats are all around. No humans at all. Yes, this Battle Cats Mod Apk follows the same story plot and strategy where the cats have taken over the entire world. Let’s dig deep into this game. Shall we? Note, in this hack you will get unlimited cat food and money as well for free.

Game Overview

Battle Cats Mod Apk

Battle Cats Mod Apk

The Battle Cats Mod Apk is a game where the cat army has taken over the entire world. In short, this is a casual game based in the world of cats. You won’t be seeing any human character here in this game.

You have a cat army whose motive is to take as many lands as they can under their control. This army will consist of different types of powerful cats of all shapes and sizes. And who are your enemies and opponents?

Your enemies and opponents in this game are the other cat armies and also some other animals and living species. This game can also be termed a kingdom-building and tower defense game.

Because the Battle Cats Mod Apk involves conquering the towers of the opponents and defending yours to have it under your control and once you have defeated the opponent army, and raided their land, you can build your kingdom there and rule it.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 106 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 September 2022
Category Games
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Battle Cats Gameplay

Battle Cats Mod Apk

Battle Cats Mod Apk

The Battle Cats Mod Apk is a game that lets you fight with cats along with a cat army. This casual tower defense game is so easy to play. You have a cat canyon that fires cats from it. You can have all different sorts of cats. From small sizes quick cats to giant ones, it all depends upon your strategy here in this game.

There is one more amazing thing about this Battle Cats game. Once you kill one opponent of yours here in the game, you get coins for that. The more kills you get the more coins you’ll have by the end of the battle.

Battle Cats Features

Battle Cats

Battle Cats

The following are the amazing set of features of the Battle Cats Mod Apk that I would want to discuss with you people. So let’s dive into the features of this game.

Cat Coin Generator

Remember above I mentioned that for every opponent killed you get coins for that. So this coin generation is dependent upon the coin generator. Yes, this generator gives you coins. So if you want to double your coins on every single kill, you will have to upgrade your coins generator.

Cat Canyon Fighting

The only weapon with which this game will be played is the cat canyon. Yes, you can put different types of cats in there and shoot them at your enemies. So having different types of cats with different properties give you an edge over your opponents when fighting with the cat canyon.

Upgrade The Cats

The game also has an upgrade system where you can upgrade any cat of your choice. This upgrade unlocks more powerful attributes of that single cat and a more powerful version of it than the base version, is unlocked.

Over 300 Different Types Of Cats

This game comes up with plenty of cats to work with. The number roughly exceeds 300 and all of these cats are of different shapes and different sizes. Not only they are different in shapes and physical appearance but they also have different sorts of powers that come with them.


So if you want to live in a world full of cats where your heroes and your villains are all cats, then this Battle Cats Mod Apk is the game to look forward to. Download it by clicking on the download button and get an unlocked version of this game now.