Beamng Drive

Although there is a variety of racing cards on the Google Play store. But those games are only limited to the racing interface. If someone wants to test his skills of driving what will happen if he applies a brake at the last moment? The Beamng Drive Apk game is one of the best simulators.

beamng drive apk

beamng drive apk

It is an immersive, realistic driving game offering limitless possibilities. It will show the crash of the car through simulation which will have the dummy.

This dummy-based car crash simulation will let you watch what will happen if you apply the brake at the last moment and how your car will be destroyed and will crash every other object on the way.

This game is quite adored by users because it let them test their driving skills. This game is based on a soft body engine simulation that will control every component of the vehicle in real-time.

Additional Features

Size 54 MB
Version 3.32
Ratings 5.4
Total downloads 1 M+
Developed by Crashing Legends
Released on  25 April 2024
Category Games
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beamng drive

beamng drive

After reading the introduction of the game you might have cleared up the basic theme of the game but if you are still ambiguous about the workings of the game. Then let us quickly tell you about the basic features of the game.

  • Driving experience
  • Car Crashing
  • Simulation
  • Car Selection

Driving Experience

Beamng Drive Apk provides an immersive and authentic driving experience. It works on a soft body mechanics engine, where all parts of a vehicle are replicated in real time.

Car Crashing

Beamng Drive

Beamng Drive

As mentioned above this game is more than an ordinary car racing game this is an extreme car crashing game where you will experience the simulation of the car crashing and will watch the later outcomes of the crashing of a car.

It is a soft-body dynamic simulator. It is more than any competitive game with real-life simulation. This is the most insane driving game ever known to the world.


The simulation of this game is so real that it is assumed most of the users experience real-life experiences. Every movement of the vehicle, character, and even outside objects is so realistic.

You will watch the working of gravity in simulation, that is how your car will be bumped and will fall from the high cliff downward, crashing every object on the way to give a more realistic view.

Car Selection

It has a variety of killer car options. You can choose from various cars from simple car models to heavy and powerful ones.

The most advanced edition of the game has 26 modes of different cars. You can opt for any of them according to your own choice and the mode of the game. Every car has its energy level and boosts so one can opt for any of them.

Every car will have its map to be followed. Every car can be customized according to the user’s own choice.

The basic level of the game starts with the selection of the car, you can select any cylinder, exhaust, color, the engine of the car.


Your progress with the car and analytics will be shown in the graph. This graph will affect your overall performance in the game.


Beamng Drive is full of stunts. You can create a complete environment for stunts. You can add some hurdles in front of your car where you can jump the car. Moreover, you can create dangerous bridges as well for stunts.


Mainly this game is for offroading and stunts. Thus viewing the stunts for a second time is a must. This game provides you with multiple reviews. thus you can later view your stunt with much more accuracy.

What’s New?

  • Beamng Drive is updated to the latest version 3.28
  • More cars unlocked.
  • More missions and stunts to do.
  • Run your cars over rivers as well now.

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The Conclusion

Beamng Drive does only what it needs to do. It is not like any ordinary 2D racing game. It is based on the simulation of a car crash. You won’t get boredom while playing it nor is it going to put some effect on your mental health.

So if you are looking for the best simulation-based game that will give you real-life experience on our recommendation you can try this so.


Q: Is this game free of cost?

Yes, this game is free to download and one can do so directly by installing the game from the Google Play Store.

Q: Does Beamng Drive include in-app purchases?

Yes, but you are never forced to buy in-app purchases it is optional.

Q: Can we switch between the models of the cars?

Yes, you can switch between models of cars only if you can unlock those models.

Q: Does this game provide racing completion?

Yes, you will have competitors for racing but the main concern and idea of this game is bumping the car through simulation.