Ben 10 Alien Run Mod

The Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk is an arcade-style endless runner game that is going popular in the mobile gaming industry as it revolved around the story of the all-time famous cartoon series ben 10.

Game Overview

Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk

Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk

Have you ever thought about transforming into super aliens just like Ben 10 used to do? Or even in your childhood, you wanted to own the watch of ultimate power, the Omnitrix? Yes, all of these things are not possible in the real world but they do can be experienced by playing related games. And what better game can there be other than the Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk.

The Ben 10 Alien Run is a runner game. Here in the game, your main character will be Ben, a small boy who finds a mysterious watch in the woods after the asteroid falls from the sky. This watch gives ben some cool powers. But with power comes great responsibility and also a lot of threats.

Here in the game, you have to run as ben with only a few aliens to transform to. You, during your running, have to avoid the obstacles in your way. If you strike any obstacle your speed will get slow.

Moreover, there will be some coins and cards that you can collect. Apart from these things, different aliens will come your way. You have to deal with them using your watch and fighting them by transforming yourself into super-powerful aliens in the Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Name Ben 10
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 85 MB
Updated 8 June 2022
Category Games
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Ben 10 Alien Gameplay

Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk

Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk

The Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk has an endless route for running. But the game is based on the level system in which each level has its criteria, but the major working is the same and that is run as fast as you can while collecting the coins and cards.

The levels of this game have different tasks for you and each level has multiple villains whom you have to fight. Each alien or the villain is a real villain from the ben 10 story.

The aliens available to you at the start are very few. You can play the game collect the cards and use them to unlock the other aliens.

Ben 10 Alien Run Features

Ben 10 Alien Run

Ben 10 Alien Run

The Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk has an extensive set of features for its gamers. Let’s have a look at them before ending the article.

Roleplay As Ben

As the game is around the story of Ben so here is your best chance to roleplay yourself as ben. You can simulate the game by playing as ben and defeating all of his opponents one by one.

Play Other Than Ben

If you wish to change your character to anything else, you also have the freedom to do that. For that reason, you will get to play as 10 other characters from the cartoon series, including Gwenn, grandpa, Kevin, etc.

An Endless Runner To Enjoy

The game is endless. You can run as far as you can run. The more you run the more points you will gain and the track will never end. So a great way to enjoy and pass your boring time.

Transform Ben-To Aliens

You in this game will have the Omnitrix. A watch with superpowers. So you can use that to transform ben into some cool and powerful aliens. All of these aliens will be unlocked in the initial stages of the game. By collecting enough cards you can unlock them.

Unlimited And Unlocked Characters

You will get all the characters unlocked in this modified version of the game. Different other skills and powers will also be unlocked for you in this modified version of the game.


If you ever imagined becoming ben and using the Omnitrix, here is your chance today. We can not make this happen for you in the real life, but you can do all of that stuff in this Ben 10 Alien Run Mod Apk game. So download it now and fight with different aliens by using the Omnitrix.