Big Bash Cricket

As cricket is the most played sport in Asia. People in Asia play cricket more than any other game. Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have been playing these games for decades.

Big Bash Cricket MOD APK

Big Bash Cricket MOD APK

Also, sports seem incomplete without sport. In older times people use to play cricket in-ground and streets but now as everything has thing has been digitalized and people prefer virtual games over physical ones.

So they were in search of a virtual cricket game also so the developer after much hard works developed Big Bash Cricket Mod APK which you can play on Android.

The reason for developing this game was it is now very difficult to join any of your friends in any gameplay physically. This game has highly intensive graphics to give the best playing experience.

There are many other virtual cricket-based games on the google play store but the fun and amaze Big Bash Cricket provides no other application can.

Additional Information

Version 2.1
Ratings 4.2
Size 237 MB
Developed by Nextwave multimedia.
Total downloads 5 M+
Updated on 20 February 2022
Category Games
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Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket

  • Easy gestures
  • Best Gameplay
  • Quick Play
  • Realistic animations
  • Graphics
  • Modes
  • Multiplayer Option Bat and Ball
  • FC Bucket Ball
  • Player Card

Best Gameplay

This gameplay provides the games easy and better than ever.

Quick Play

You can select the season from the list. Also, you can select the unique gameplay to get the extra rewards.

Easy gestures

Games controls ate very quick, responsive, and very easy to use. You can control the whole game through the gestures in an easy manner. Finger controls are very easy to understand over the screen.

Realistic animations

Animations of this game like the character, swing of the bat, and ball are very realistic in this game that it seems like the real game.


The graphics of this game is well developed. Not only the animation but the character, pitch, players on fields, color gradient, crowd give the realistic look.


You can play unique shots of unique players for your chosen Club, and these clubs will be available in the home stadium.

Multiplayer Option

The best thing about this game is by playing matches with your friends. You can add any of your friends to play a 1v1 game battle.

Bat and Ball

If you do not want to play with your friend then you can challenge any player all around the world, but your main objective is to beat the opponent by your high score.

KFC Bucket Ball

At the end of the game, you can challenge your opponent with KFC Bucket Ball which is done by hitting a sixer.

Player Card

You will be able to collect player cards in gameplay which will help you to make your team of 11 players.


You can download the official version of this game from the google play store but its Modded version of Big Bash Cricket Mod Apk has broken many limits that a user can experience in the official version.

You can join any match at any time and can earn a free reward on completion of the match. Also, you can buy in-match items with the real money you have in your pocket. But if you do not want to spend your money on games items purchasing.

Then we suggest you download the Modded version because it has all those features unlock which you might v experience lock-in official ones.

By genuinely playing the game you can enjoy many moments of this game.

Final Words

Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket

If you are a true cricket lover then give once a try to Big Bash Cricket Mod Apk. Also if you love to play virtual games then this game can be your first preference right after playing it for consecutive 4 5 days.

I hope you have successfully downloaded the game from the provided link in the article. enjoy


Q: Is big bash cricket is free to download?

Yes, this game is freely available on the Google play store and its Modded version’s link is available on our website.

Q: Does this game include in-app purchasing from real money?