Bio Inc Redemption Mod

The Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk is a simulation game of life and death and is a great learning platform for students who are currently studying in the medical field. This game gives you the freedom to either go by the side of life or chose death as your sole companion throughout the game.

Game Overview

Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk

Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk

This game is related to the medical field. And yes it is a simulation game where you will be simulating the real curing of diseases on your mobile phone. No matter which side you go on, in the end, you will be a doctor here in the game.

As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph that allows you to choose your playing side and select one of the ways of life or death. So after selecting that you will work for that side.

If you aim to work for life then you will be a good doctor and patients with many diseases will come to you and you have to examine their bodies and cue their diseases. Keep in mind that you get 600 different types of diseases, viruses, and bacteria to work with.

And if you aim to work for death in the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk, then your job will be to become a bad doctor who will make the health conditions of his healthy patients even worse than they die in the end.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.1 and up
Downloads 500,000+
Size 139 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 25 October 2022
Category Games
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Bio Inc Redemption Gameplay

Bio Inc

Bio Inc

When you open the game you will see real sort of graphics with the original body parts and organs of the patients that you are going to work with. On the same screen of the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk, where your patient’s body and X-ray are located, there are different bars representing the different conditions of that patient’s body.

You can monitor those bars and work on them according to the faction you’re selected. If you selected death, then most probably you will get all of those bars full and your role will be to make them go empty and vice versa in the case of working for life.

Bio Inc Redemption Features

Bio Inc

Bio Inc

The features that the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk brings for its players are given in the section below.

2 Different Sides To Work For

This game can be played in 2 completely different dimensions and the best part is that no restriction is there in choosing these sides. The available two factions of play are life and death.

Doctor Brings Life

If you select the side of life in this game then you will be asked to become a doctor that works for the betterment of his patients from his heart. So you will cure every type of disease and make sure that your dying patient lives.

Doctor Can Kill Too

Once you select the side of death in this amazing game of life and death, then there is no going back. Now you are an evil doctor who will do anything to take the life of his patient. Your patients will be healthy and by injecting different bacteria and viruses, you will make them suffer until they die.

Travel The Globe

Now you can play this game in only one region inside the game. Rather you are required to travel to many places as you play. So different quests and missions are waiting for you. Then why waste time and not download this game?


Whichever side you chose, remember you will be working with the same elements and health bars. The only difference will be in the approach you go with. And as all of the diseases and items are real in this game, so you can learn a lot of things from the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk.