Bit Heroes Mod

After the game start, you will have to build your character from the scratch. A dummy type character will be assigned to you, customize it according to your own. Change skin tone, hair color, and the rest of the customization will be in your hands too.

Bit Heroes Mod Apk

Bit Heroes Mod Apk

After the loading of Bit Heroes Mod Apk, you will be asked to enter the battle mode by killing the bats. Several rewards will be proportional to the number of bat5s you killed in around.

Prove your skills with the mightiest heroes by crusting the battle. Mine and earn more rewards for you. Experience the best crawling adventures through the mines.

Additional Information

Name Bit of Heroes
Version 1.4.1
Developed by Kongregate
Released on 9 May 2017
Updated on 18 February 2022
Size 37.31 MB
Category Games
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Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes

The main features and highlights of the game are mentioned below.

  • Gather Team
  • Loot dungeons
  • Craft and Upgrade
  • Arena
  • World Chat
  • Mounts Expedition
  • Gestures
  • Interface
  • Rewards
  • Story mode

Gather Team 

Gather monsters and many more characters and recruit your team to be strong. Once you build the best and strong recruited team charge against the opponents.

The success rate of you will depend upon the strength of your team that how strong and strengthen your team is.

Loot Dungeons 

Mine and dig deep into the dungeons to get many rewards. If you will dig deeps into the mines more are the chance to have valuable rewards.

Craft and Upgrade

Upgrade your character by crafting and mix and match. Earned rewards can be mix and match later to build new items for your character.


If you want to enter the battle mode then select the arena mode and fight with the opponent. The success rate in arena mode will be proportional to the strategies you are using to chargeback with the opponent. A chargeback with opponents with strategies and best moves.

World Chat

Enter into the world chat mode. If you have any query related to the game strategies being used then ask the pros in the game in world chat mode. Drop any question you want to and get answers from the pros.

Mounts Expedition

Not only mining but the mountain expediting mode will be available. If you ever get tired of digging deep into the mine then start an expedition of the high mountain. On the top of the mountain after expediting it you will get your reward.


The game has the simplest and easy gestures to be controlled by. Once you get into the game everything about the game will be narrated to you. Once you feel any difficulty at any level use hints and complete that stage.

For the first time when you get into the game, everything related to the first stage will be narrated as the guidepost which you can also check later from the settings of Bit Heroes Mod Apk.


The application has intense graphics and is adored by the players for its graphics. The color scheme used to separate different chambers in mines has made this game easy for the players.


During mining and expedition of mountains, you will discover many rewards closed in the boxes. First, you have to find the key and unlock those boxes. Every reward will have its worth like diamond and gold will be the most valuable rewards of the game.

Story Mode

Every stage you are mining in will be based on the story and you have to accomplish the stage by following the storylines.


Bit Heroes Mod Apk is no doubt the best mine and craft game ever developed. After reading the main highlights of the game you are now clear about the main idea of the game. According to the ratings and reviews, the game is considered the best game ever developed on the idea of mining.

The feature we like is the different modes available in the game. Like if you ever get bore of mining starts an expedition of the mountains. And if you ever get bore of that too get into the arena mode of the game.


Q: Is Bit Heroes is free of cost?

Yes, the game is freely available on the google play store.

Q: Is Bit Heroes is available on the google play store?

Yes, its official version is available on the google play store.

Q: How can we download the Modded version of Bit Heroes Apk?

If you require a Modded version then click on the mentioned link above which will directly start the installation of the Modded version of the game.