Burnout Masters Mod

If you are a fan of cars and love to drive them on roads then stick with me today as this game is going to amaze you in every aspect. The Burnout Masters Mod Apk is a game for all car enthusiasts who want to take racing to the next level.

Game Overview

Burnout Masters Mod Apk

Burnout Masters Mod Apk

Have you ever come across the game Torque Burnout if yes then you may know that in that game you had to skid your car and burn its engine to the extreme level. So this game is ten times better than that torque burnout game.

This game is all about drifting and skidding your car during the races. And this Burnout Masters Mod Apk comes with a multiplayer mode that allows you to go online and race against 8 different world top-class racers. This game may seem easy to you but in reality, it’s not.

You not only have to finish on the top spot in the races but also you need to gather as many points as you could by drifting and skidding your car on the tracks. And the more skids and burnouts you get from your car, the more points you will get.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 613 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 27 October 2022
Category Games
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Burnout Masters Gameplay

Burnout Masters Mod Apk

Burnout Masters Mod Apk

One thing that I must tell you about this game is that don’t ever touch the side boundaries of the tracks. They like any other game are there to lower your speed. But specifically in this game the more you touch them the more point you lose, that you gathered through your hard work.

In this game, the Burnout Masters Mod Apk you get 19 different types of world-class vehicles. But ready-made vehicles are for noobs. The real car freaks will go and make their customized engine, so this game also provides you with 50 different building options.

Burnout Masters Features

Burnout Masters

Burnout Masters

Let’s dig deep into the features and options that you get after downloading this Burnout Masters Mod Apk.

Drift And Burn

The more you will drift and slide the more burning will happen in your engine and the more your engine burns, the more smoke you get. So all of these things combined will give you very much high points. But this isn’t as easy as it looks.

Plenty Of Real Life Cars

The game gives you a selection of 19 different cars from real-life burnout events. You can select the car that you love and use it as your primary car in the races. The more big name you have, the more chances of winning are there.

Build An Engine

There are two types of people. Some love cars and don’t want to build them and the latter are those who design their customized engines. If you are the second one then this game provides you with 50 different options that you can have while building your dream car engine. The fun part is, you know better what engine you are building so you can control it easily.

Real Burnout Events And Locations

Another amazing feature offered by this game is the live burnout events that you can take part in. Yes, the arenas that you get are all designed according to the real-life locations where burnout events happen. You only that virtual depiction of the real-world burnout events is done in this game.

Race Against 8 Players

The multiplayer option that this game has, allows you to race against 8 different players so you will get a very competitive match. And as every car is drifting and skidding so much of the road will be occupied and you need to have good driving skills to counter them. If you drive well enough you can win the races with the highest points.


Developers have put a lot of detail in the graphics of this game to make sure that the Burnout Masters Mod Apk leads the racing and drifting game genre. So it is not a bad decision if you go for this game. Give it a try and you’ll see how amazing this game is.