Burst To Power Mod

Today many children and even adults are huge fans of Anime. They love to watch anime series and if they get a chance to play an anime game, they won’t miss it. So today I bring you an anime-related game, the Burst To Power Mod Apk that you would not want to miss out on.

Game Overview

Burst To Power Mod Apk

Burst To Power Mod Apk

If you are an anime fan then you should not miss this game. This is a fighting game with an anime character style built into it. Most importantly as this game is an offline game so it can be played anywhere without having a stable internet connection.

Based in the world known as the Overworld, the game follows a strict storyline. The Overworld has a villain having the game Goggle. Goggle is a very powerful and evil being who has put the overworld into darkness.

He is a strong army that consists of several different types of evil and horrific villain characters. As a protagonist in this game, you have to take on the challenge to bring back peace to the overworld and fight with the army of the evil Goggle and eliminate and end his terror.

Additional Information

Requires Android
8.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 223 MB
Updated on 5 September 2023
Category Games
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Burst To Power Gameplay

Burst To Power

Burst To Power

The game is a fighting game with plenty of action going on. You have to select your character in the Burst To Power Mod Apk from a set of different powerful anime warriors and play the game according to the story.

Each mission or task consists of fighting with the people of the evil Goggle and from time to time you will get the chance to face google himself. You can use the different action buttons combined with the arrow keys to launch a special attack on your opponent.

These small attacks will give you the ability to fill your bars to launch a unique powerful combo attack on your opponents or also transform your character into a powerful variant of himself during the battle.

Burst To Power Features

Burst To Power

Burst To Power

Plenty of features of Burst To Power Mod Apk are there that will make you feel excited. But below I will discuss some of those. So stick with us and read the below section for some great features of the game

Do Powerful Transformations

While in battle you have to attack your enemies with as much force as you can. This continuous attack will fill your bars and you can then transform your character into a more powerful version of itself and launch some;’ unique attacks on your opponents.

Abilities For Your Hero

Your hero in this game can be equipped with lots of abilities that he will use on the army of Goggle. These abilities are locked in the starting but you can always unlock them by earning some currency and game XP.

Track Your Bars

You have 3 main bars on the top left of your screen. They show your character’s health, stamina, and spirit. To fight and launch attacks with full power your stamina ad spirit levels should be high and to last longer, you have to maintain your health bar.

Customization Of The Character

Anytime in the game, you have the option to customize your character. You can do that with the earned money and buy some clothes and accessories for your hero. Apart from changing the look of your character you can also unlock a whole new hero and use it as your fighter.

What’s New?

  • The game is updated to the latest version 1.4.1p3
  • Minimum Android version 8.1
  • Required fixes
  • Minor graphics changes.
  • UI Changes

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This offline anime RPG game will make your day whenever you will play it. The offline nature of the Burst To Power Mod Apk makes it even more desirable for every person as it can be played anywhere without the internet. So you just have to click the download button to enjoy this game.