Call Me a Legend

Call me a legend Mod Apk is an online game where you will meet 11 beautiful Playmates that will be trapped in the zombie world. You have to rescue all the Playmates before they are gone.

Call Me a Legend Mod Apk

Call Me a Legend Mod Apk

The time limit is already set for all legends to set the rest of the teammates free from the zombies. The legends have promised to help the rest of the teammates and will fight till their last breath so you won’t be disappointed.

You will meet many characters in the game including Gia, Audrey, Raquel, Stephanie, Sophie, Monica, etc. These characters are trapped and they will be waiting for you to rescue them from the trap of zombies.

Call me a Legend Mod Apk is a free but RPG game simulation with many political affairs. Finish as many as possible rounds to become the legend of the game which will give you more power and will help you to get rich.

But make sure to stay away from the zombies, because they are lurking behind you from every corner.

Additional Information

Name Call Me a Legend Mod Apk
Size 375 MB
Total Downloads 1M+
Offered By Empire Studio Inc
Updated on Nov 19, 2020
Released on 22 February 2022
Category Games
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Call Me a Legend

Call Me a Legend

 Love affairs

This game is full of love affairs you have to increase your intimacy with girls by dating them and by giving them gifts. Become a Legend among girls.

 Raising a family

As this game is an RPG game it will give you real-life simulation so you have to take care of your wife. Which in return will take care of your kids.

Political games

As mentioned before this game is full of love and political affairs so make sure to complete as many targets as possible to get rich and powerful.

This in the end will help out to become the legend among the rest of the characters.

 Forge Alliances

Recruit your heroes who will help you defeat the zombies. Because zombies will be lurking from every corner you have to protect yourself and your family.

So recruit your team to command them widely to take the advantage of the game. If you will defeat them it will make you rank dominant in the leaderboard thus making you the legend at the end.

Develop the camp

Upgrade your recruited heroes to make them stronger. Develop your camps to get a dominant position. If you will be able to develop more and more camps it will help you to be at the top of the legend.

 Go on Quests

You can also send expeditions just to explore new territories and to find out more survivors.

 Chat online

You can chat online with other players. You can exchange your experiences so they can also. This will help you to learn more skills in the game. Because the experienced they have faced in the Call Me a Legend Apk will help you to survive more on the battlefield.

 Set the record

Set your record to get the dominant position on the leader board. You can set your record to challenge the rest of the players to defeat you.

If you will set the higher record on the leader board you will be a legend at the end of the game.

Point to ponder

Call Me a Legend

Call Me a Legend

Make sure you have been granted permission for installation from unknown sources. If not then do it manually from the settings of your device.


Q: Can we play Call Me a Legend offline?

No, this is a completely online game. You cannot play it offline. Because every legend in the game has to be downloaded at every stage.

Q: Is this Call Me a Legend game is free of cost?

Yes, this game is free of cost.

Q: Does Doe Call Me a Legends includes in-app purchases?

Yes, this game included in-app purchases for certain stages and characters.

Q: Does Call Me a Legend is an online dating game?

Absolutely no, this game does include love affairs but this is the zombie war game. Where you have to protect yourself and your family from the zombies.