Castle Crush Mod

As the mobile gaming industry is expanding day by day people love to play different sorts of games, like action, adventure, RPG and RTS, etc. Downloading different games can be a hard feat for many players. So we have come up with a game that has all of these genres in it and the name of this game is the Castle Crush Mod Apk.

Game Overview

Castle Crush Mod Apk

Castle Crush Mod Apk

This is a sort of game that everyone should have on their mobile phones. The game is a mix of RPG and RTS genres with a bit of action and adventure to it. As the game also features an online game mode so you can expect healthy PVP battles from it.

This game uses a card system for its battles so this means that you are going to collect different cards for the battles. There are going to be 2 different classes of cards available to you in the game.

The first type is the monster or hero cards that you collect and will have a hero related to it. The more cards of this type you have the stronger your army becomes.

The second type of card that you get is the magical card. They have no relationship with the characters but they are the powers that your characters can use while battling. Luke lighting bolt or fire are two different types of magical cards that give power to your characters.

Additional Information

Requires Android
Varies with device
Size 136 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 14 December 2022
Category Games
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Castle Crush Gameplay

Castle Crush

Castle Crush

In this multi-genre game, your main task is to invade and destroy the castle of your opponents while defending your castle from their attacks. The Castle Crush Mod Apk features a PVP game mode that will take you to online battles in real-time against real players.

Mighty orcs, different magical creatures, wizards, heroes with different capabilities, and monsters with different powers are available to you. You can collect their cards and summon them to use them in the battles. There are more than 40 different cards that you can collect but you can only take 5 cards to your battles. This makes the game more intense and tactics-friendly.

Castle Crush Features

Castle Crush

Castle Crush

If you love tactical gameplay then surely you will love this Castle Crush Mod Apk. And if you are feeling that you should play this game, then I will recommend you to look at the features of the game mentioned below.

40 Cards To Collect, 5 Cards To Use

In this game all that matters are your cards. You can collect more than 40 different cards related to monsters and heroes. The more cards you have the more powerful the army you will get. But you can only take only 5 cards to the battles. So here your tactical thinking will be tested as to how you proceed with your options.

Kill And Earn Cards

Killing your enemies in this game not only allows you to earn points, but you will also get different cards as a reward depending upon the performance you put in. So make the best strategy and kill your opponent for the sake of card collection.

Open Chests For Cards

Another way to collect cards is by opening the chests. You get a chest after winning the battles. If your performance was good enough in the battle, you get rare chests and rare chests always have rare cards. So give it a try.

Upgrade Your Magical Cards

You know that the cards are of 2 types in this game. The magical cards give your heroes an added advantage and their skills and powers are increased by these cards. So you need to go upgrade the stats of these cards to add value to your hero’s and monster’s performance.


If you wanted an RPG and RTS game in a single place then the best game to download for this purpose is the Castle Crush Mod Apk. You just need to destroy the castle of your opponents to win the game and magical cards and heroes will help you do that. So hit that download button and get a modified version of the game with many unlocked features.