Crush Crush Mod

Want to meet new people? But bored of trying the same old social media platforms? The Crush Crush Mod Apk will give you a virtual world where you can meet new people and be friends with them. So stick with us to the end as we describe this game for you. If you will download the mod version from you will get unlimited diamonds and gems for free.

Game Overview

Crush Crush Mod Apk

Crush Crush Mod Apk

The Crush Crush Mod Apk is more of a virtual social media platform than just being a simple game like CuteU. But this doesn’t mean that you can not play games in this app. Here you can play games, meet new people, send them friend requests, etc.

This is the era of virtual worlds. Everything is virtual these days. The games you see and some of the apps etc. People now want to shift to this virtual world to interact with different people.

So for that purpose, they need an avatar that represents them in that world. Luckily in this game, you also need an avatar of your own that will represent you in the game.

You can start by making an avatar for yourself. After that, you can dress it up using different items and clothes available. Once, you are satisfied with its look you can get into the real business.

You can walk freely and explore different areas of this virtual world. You can approach as many people as you like and send them requests. Once your request is accepted you can share messages and pictures with them through your avatar.

Your next buddy may be in this game but to build up a strong relationship you need to give gifts to your friends. You can buy them in the game store and give them to your friends in the Crush Crush Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Downloads 1,000,000+
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.4 and up
Size 70M
Updated on 5 June 2022
Category Games
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Crush Crush Gameplay

Crush Crush Mod Apk

Crush Crush Mod Apk

The game is simple. You in the Crush Crush Mod Apk have an avatar that represents you in the game world. To do different things in the game and find new people you will need money. You can earn this money by doing some jobs in the game.

These games can be of any type from delivering pizzas to working in a coffee shop, anything you like you can do and earn money. Later you can spend this money on your friends and give them gifts. This action of yours will impress them and your bond will get stronger.

Crush Crush Features

Crush Crush

Crush Crush

The features of the Crush Crush Mod Apk listed below will help you in knowing the game.

Meet New People

The game is all about socializing. You can approach different people here in this game and interact with them. There can be different like-minded people for you that can be your next best buddies. So don’t miss the chance of doing this.

Chat With Your Mates

When you are done making friends you can also chat with them here in this game like Badoo. You can send them messages and even share your pictures with them. All of this will be done through your avatars so make them eye-catchy.

Avatar Creation

The avatar creation system of this game is very interesting. You have many options to select from. These things give you full freedom of making the best possible look for your avatar that resembles you. There are different clothes in the wardrobe to choose from.

Do Small Jobs

To live and help your avatar make new friends you need money and to earn this money you have to do some mini-jobs in the game. These jobs are also sort of mini-games. You can be a pizza delivery guy. Or you can be a coffee shop worker. Anything you like you can choose that as your day job and earn money through it.

Buy And Send Gifts To Buddies

Chatting is not the only thing that you need to make friends in this game. There is more that you need to do. And that more I mean sending gifts to your loved ones. You can buy gifts from the shop and send them to your mates to increase the bond you have with the person.


The Crush Crush Mod Apk is a new way to make new friends and socialize. Here you will get everything from avatar creation to playing games with friends. So if you are in search of real people then download this game now.