Cyberika Mod

The games that are based in the future and have futuristic graphics and fantasy worlds like that are often loved by the generation of today. As people want to experience what it is like to live in the future. The Cyberika Mod Apk is also a cyberpunk game that is based in the future times.

Game Overview

Cyberika Mod Apk

Cyberika Mod Apk

The Cyberika Mod Apk is an RPG game in which you have to live a life of a man whose on a journey to find who were the culprits behind planting the chip in his body. Although his life was saved by these anonymous personalities who to save his life planted a chip in him, now this chip gives him nightmares and his life is not peaceful.

The game era is just after world war 3 occurs in the year 2087. As after world war 3 ended, the riots begin in America. To cope with this chaos, the American government decided to send all of the deadly criminals to a deserted location where they had to survive on their own.

This is a place full of deadly monsters in the faces of humans. They are extremely dangerous killers. So you have to live among them and survive, as anyone from any side can attack you no matter what you are doing in the Cyberika Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 143 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 31 July 2022
Category Games
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Cyberika Gameplay

Cyberika Mod Apk

Cyberika Mod Apk

The theme and graphics of this Cyberika Mod Apk are just like any other cyberpunk game where there are neon lights everywhere and cyberpunk-style people roam around with futuristic vehicles and environment settings.

You will get the freedom to decide how your character will look. Each character class in this game possesses a separate skill, like some are great fighters and some are great hackers. It is your choice which hero you want to go with.

Cyberika Feature

Cyberika Mod Apk

Cyberika Mod Apk

The features offered by the Cyberika Mod Apk are given in the below sections. Let’s have a look at them now.

Freestyle Character Creation

As discussed above, creating the character is one of the first things to get this game going. This is the person you will be depicted in the game, so make him well dressed and handsome. Also, select the best attributes for him that can help him stay alive in this world of crime.

A City Full Of Crime

As all of the deadly criminals have been sent to this place where you are at that moment in the game, so you have to stay awake and stay strong to deal with them. Any wrong step and your head will be separated from your neck by these monsters.

Futuristic Settings

If you love cyberpunk games then this game will attract you as it contains futuristic settings in terms of the neon light surroundings and the different elements such as vehicles, weapons, buildings, and even the dresses and costumes of both the players and the NPC.

Do The Missions

If you want to know who is your character and where he comes and what story he carries, then don’t wait and take part in the missions of this game. These missions will be unveiling the main aspects of the story of this game and the different secrets of your character.

Modified Settings

As this is a modified version of the game so there are some tweaks in this game. Now you won’t be facing any ads issue and also major components of this game are unlocked and free to use along with the availability of unlimited gems and coins.


If you were looking for a game that you could play to pass your leisure time and that also in a quality way, then you should go for the Cyberika Mod Apk. No matter whether you are fond of cyberpunk games or not, this game will prove to be your favorite after you play it.