Dice Dreams Mod

If you want to try your luck and play a game of uncertainty then you need to think about downloading the Dice Dreams Mod Apk. It is a kingdom-building game where you’ll have to earn gold by rolling the dice. Note, Here you will get unlimited rolls for free.

Game Overview

Dice Dreams Mod Apk

Dice Dreams Mod Apk

The Dice Dreams Mod Apk is a game about the lead character bob. Bob leaves his island and his home to go on an adventure for fun. He also takes his friends whom he meets. He enjoys and has fun. But when he returns what he sees are the ruins. Yes, ruins were caused by the destruction of the pirates.

Yes, pirates have now destroyed his land and his kingdom and looted all the resources. This story is about bob and his journey to restoring his home kingdom to what it was before the destruction. So you will help bob in his journey of making things right.

And what’s your role here? Then for that, you’ll have to roll the dice to get the gold coins and other valuable resources. You’ll be helping bob here and this gold will then be used by bob in building different buildings and restoring some of them. So Dice Dreams Mod Apk depends upon first rolling the dice and then building and managing the things.

Additional Information

Android 7.0 and up
Download Size
139 MB
Downloads 10,000+
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 August 2022
Category Games
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Dice Dreams Gameplay

Dice Dreams Mod Apk

Dice Dreams Mod Apk

The Dice Dreams Mod Apk comes with a blend of two game genres both different from one another. There is an uncertainty factor in dice rolling where you don’t even know what number will come.

And then there is this management and kingdom-building factor where you are the boss and you decide all the things. So it takes luck and skill to surpass many levels in this game.

You’ll be able to play the game in both the offline story mode of bob where he along with his friends are on a mission to defeat the pirates or you can also go online and join alliances to raid many people’s lands and loot the resources.

Dice Dreams Features

Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams

Let’s not forget about the amazing features that the Dice Dreams Mod Apk provides us with.

Fight With The Pirates

Your enemies in this game are the pirates who destroyed bob’s home and his kingdom. They have looted all the money and the resources. So in the game, you’ll help bob in getting all the fighting skills and an army of men that can fight with the pirates and take revenge on bob from them.

Capture Pirate Lands

What you can also do in this game is that you’ll easily get the chance to raid pirate lands and take their land under your control. This will help you in the expansion of your kingdom and your revenge will also be taken. But first, you’ll have to restore your kingdom and then go on to raid others.

Alliance Raids

If you want to play with real humans then logging into the game using Facebook will help you. Then you’ll get the chance to go online and join alliances or form one of your own to fight against other players and loot their resources when you win the battles.

Rebuild The Whole Kingdom

Bob’s home has been destroyed so is his kingdom. Help him in regaining control of the kingdom and rebuild with him by repairing all the buildings and building new ones where needed.


The Dice Dreams Mod Apk is a great game that’ll take you to the adventure of bob and his journey in rebuilding his kingdom and taking back what was his before and also taking revenge side by side. Will you help bob in doing all this stuff? If yes then don’t wait and hit the download button right now to enjoy a fun game.