Dino Island Mod

When the name dinosaur comes in front of us, we suddenly think of destruction and chaos. These ancient huge creatures are somewhat portrayed as deadly living beings. But what if I tell you that the Dino Island MOD APK cancels all these stories and presents you with a peaceful kingdom of the dinosaurs.

dino island mod apk

dino island mod apk

So the Dino Island is a beautiful and fun game that is based on the concept of an island filled with dinosaurs. These dinosaurs live on that island peacefully and carry out different sorts of activities and daily jobs.

You might have played the island-building or the strategy-based games that involve controlling and managing the human species. But this game is different from all those games as it has a variety of breeds of dinosaurs living on your island and you have to manage their tasks and also help them in growing their lands.

You have over 100 different sorts of dinosaurs that live on your island. In the Dino Island MOD APK, you have the task to grow different sorts of magical food for your dinosaurs along with building different sorts of buildings for them including their homes. Different habitats are there for the different dinosaurs and you can make different types of dinosaurs breed with each other to get a unique hybrid breed of dinosaurs.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
2.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 12 December 2022
Category Games
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The Dino Island MOD APK is a survival and open-world style strategy game that is based on the world of dinosaurs entirely. The beautiful world of the dinosaurs allows you to enjoy and know more about these beautiful creatures.

In the game, you have the freedom to manage the island in the best possible manner you can. There are over 15 different sorts of decoration items that you can use to beautify your island. Moreover, you will have over 100 different types of dinosaurs to play with.

Now as this is the world of dinosaurs, you have to build the desired buildings for them. Homes, training centers, working areas, and breeding points, all of them are necessary for these creatures.

Apart from that you can also do agriculture and plant different magical fruits which will be consumed by your dinosaurs. Different dinosaurs breed in different environments. So you must know which one wants which environment and you must build that sort of breeding place for them to lay their eggs and breed.

The game allows you to make 2 different types of dinosaurs breed with each other and as a result, you will get a hybrid unique sort of animal. There is also a marketplace where you can exchange goods and eggs etc with your friends and you can also give a visit to your friend’s islands and exchange different resources.


dino island

dino island

The features of this beautiful world Dino Island MOD APK are mentioned below in this article.

Play with different dinosaurs

The game has a variety of different breeds of dinosaurs. These different creatures are categorized into different types such as rock, fire, ice, water, plant, jewel machine, etc. All of your dinosaurs have these different properties.

Breed 2 different dinosaurs

You can make 2 different dinosaurs breed with each other to get a unique result. You can make a fire dinosaur to breed with the ice dinosaur in order to to get a hybrid of the fire and ice. You can try out different sorts of options. Make sure to set up the desired breeding environment for these animals.

Plant magical flowers

As the game is about survival so these animals need food. They eat different magical plants and flowers. You can plant all of these flowers and plants for your dinosaurs in this game.

Visit your friend’s islands

The game also has a feature by which you can interact with your friends in a good way. You can visit your mate’s island and see how they are going. Also if you both have spare or excess resources you can trade them with each other. Gifts can also be exchanged between yourselves, to support each other.


This Dino Island MOD APK is a peaceful game where there is no violence or chaos. You will feel great after playing this game. The visuals are heartwarming and the gameplay itself is very engaging.