Epic Seven

One of the most amazing anime fight game. If you love watching anime and playing their games then Epic Seven Mod Apk is for you. You can select any of your favorite characters and can get into the game.

Epic Seven Mod Apk

Epic Seven Mod Apk

This game is all about anime and its power. You can enhance the powers of enemies by purchasing from the store. You can also switch between the characters of anime if you want to.

Additional Information

Rating 4.3
Size 50 MB
Total downloads 5 M+
Version 1.0.277
Offered by SmilegateMegaport
Released on 20 February 2022
Category Games
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Top Features

Epic 7 Mod Apk

Epic 7 Mod Apk

As we have written much about this game in the introduction section but still there are many areas of games to be covered before completely getting into the game. Some of its top features are discussed below.

  • Powerful Anime
  • Engaging Story
  • Animated Characters
  • Graphics
  • PVP Mode
  • 3V3 mode
  • Tutorial Section

Powerful Anime

This game is all about anime characters and fights among them. You have to select your characters who will have their unique powers to fight. After selecting the character you will be asked to fight with your foe anime.

Use your allotted powers with the strategy to get your opponent down. Try to avoid being hurt by the opponent’s strike and fight back as quickly as possible to get him down. This game can be won easily if played with strategy.

The strategy is not only about selecting a powerful character but using its powers at the right time.

Engaging Story

The storyline of Epic Seven Mod Apkis very engaging. It keeps its users engage with it without letting them feel bored as most anime games do. The super engaging story makes everyone feel comfortable with it.

This game is also considered to have a unique idea not just because of its super characters but because of the limitless features it provides. Like creating your squad, fighting with combat, purchase new powers for the character.

Animated Characters

As mentioned above this game has the most beautiful animated characters ever. Developers have worked a lot on the animated characters of this game.

Each animated character has its personality and exploding life. The character design of this game is very interesting and can be compared to most hero collector games.


Everything in this game is heavily 2D art. Developers worked a lot on the graphics feature of this game to make it quite catchy.

Because a good graphic is always considered to be the key feature for the success of any game. So developers of this game have worked a lot on its graphics.

PVP Mode

This game is supported with PVP mode. You can fight with other players from all around the world, in PvP mode. You can connect with any player all around the world to challenge him in PvP mode.

3V3 mode

You can create your squad in this game. You and the rest of your 2 fellows connected from around the world can fight in 3v3 mode.

Fighting with the opponent anime in squad mode is very interesting and lets the user enjoy the full fun of the game.

Tutorial Section

At first, at the beginning of the game, you will have the tutorial section where you will be free to do anything you want to. You can switch between the characters using their powers or can do anything without being bound.

The tutorial section will make you pro before completely getting into the game. In short, this game gives free hand to the new user before completely getting into the game.

They can learn more from the tutorial section of the game. New users will be asked to make decisions no matter for which character they want to.


Epic 7

Epic 7

You will find many games on the internet related to anime and fighting games but what makes this Epic Seven Mod Apk to be considered as one of the best games is its graphics and animation. It would be worth rating a solid 10/10 for the animation and graphics of this game.

Along with this, the storyline of this game is quite catchy, also as you can enhance the powers of any character with is one of its amazing features though.

Point to ponder

You will never be asked to purchase the powers of the characters with real money forcefully. You can do it if you want to otherwise you can turn off in-app purchasing from the setting.


Q: Does Epic Seven Apk include in-app purchases?

Yes, you can buy gadgets for characters in turn for rewards earned by the game or from the real money too.

Q: Is Epic Seven Apk is offline available?

Yes, this game can be played in offline mode after a one-time installation.

Q: Can Epic Seven Apk be played in online mode too?

Yes, it is really good practice to play this game online if you want to get the most updated tool and powers for characters.