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Get ready as your 2 favorite genres are coming into a single game. Yes, you heard it right. The Farm Land Mod Apk is a unique farm simulator where you get the gameplay of the farm simulator with stickman-style graphics and mechanics.

Game Overview

Farm Land Mod Apk

Farm Land Mod Apk

The Farm Land Mod Apk is a stickman farming simulator game. Here in this game, you have to guide your stickman in building the most sustainable farm in the game and by sustainable I mean that it has all the necessary resources and buildings that a farmer should have.

The game can be played freely. You can do anything you want from growing different crops and watering them to gaining the most fruit out of them. The crops will give you fruit and you can trade it in the market.

As you know no farm is complete without the animals and the livestock so here in the game, you will get to raise all sorts of livestock animals. From chickens to cows and from cows to horses, every animal is there for you to take care of.

The game has a pleasant environment and the game view will be a top-down viewing angle. So if you are a lover of stick man games then you should have a look at this Farm Land Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
7.1 and up
Size 105M
Ratings 4+
Downloads 10,000,000+
Updated on 15 November 2022
Category Games
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Farm Land Gameplay

Farm Land Mod Apk

Farm Land Mod Apk

The Farm Land Mod Apk has the best gameplay as it is a mix of 2 game genres. A touch of farming in a stickman style is what you need to pass your leisure time in a quality way.

Growing crops and raising livestock is one part of the game Like Lumber Inc And Tractor Pull. The other part is the construction of different factories and other production areas. These will help you in the production of valuable items from your raw plants and the raw resources from your animals. Bakery products also sell well so you can also set up a small bakery and make different baked items there.

Farm Land Features

Farm Land

Farm Land

The features of the Farm Land Mod Apk are given below. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Grow a Variety Of Plants

Different types of plants can be grown in this game. From fruits to vegetables you can grow anything. Each plant needs a separate type of care and environment for better growth. So you have to provide it with that.


Farm Land

Farm Land

Livestock will be the backbone of your farm. Different types of animals will be available. You can raise them and they will give you 2 resources in return. One will be their meat and the other will be the related items to them. Like hens will give eggs, cows and Buffalo will give your milk, etc.


Transportation is also a main part of the game. As the bigger, your transport vehicle is the more products you can sell in the market. So also focus on upgrading your transport to the fullest.

Warehouse Upgrade

Your warehouse is where your items will go. If the capacity of the warehouse is low, then most of the items will get lost. So to avoid it, spend money on your warehouse and make it bigger.

Production Units

The production units are also of great importance as they give you a chance to produce different valuable products from your raw materials. The raw materials sell at low prices while the factory products of those raw materials are expensive. So try to sell the products instead of the raw materials.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version 2.2.7
  • Seed and harvest them
  • Raise your pigs
  • Fish in the river

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Anyone who loves stickman games should download the Farm Land Mod Apk. The elements of farming in a stickman style are encoded into this game. A lot of items that you find locked in the real game have been unlocked for you in this modified version. So download it and enjoy your farming journey.