Flight Radar 24 Pro

Turn your mobile directly into the flight tracker. You can use your mobile phone as the flight navigator with Flight Radar 24 Pro Apk. This application will not only let you navigate the airplane around your but will let you know about the direction of the plane too. This is the Premium Mod Which is free to download.

Flight Radar 24 Pro Apk

Flight Radar 24 Pro Apk

For instance, if you are directing your phone towards an airplane and want to know in which direction that airplane is flying every detail will be visible to you.

Along with it flight timings, destination, and land timing of that plane will also be shown to you using this application.

No doubt this application works as the flight navigator showing and saving all the navigations of the flight.

Additional Information

Size 4.664 MB
Total downloads 10 M+
Updated on 16 Mar 2021
Offered By Flightradar24 AB
Released on 18 February 2022
Version Latest
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Flight Radar 24

Flight Radar 24

Identification Of Flight

Flight Radar 24 Pro Apkwill let you identify the flight overhead you thus making this application as the flight tracker and navigator for you.

Thus will track ins and outs of the plane over you, from tracking its destination to the number of passengers in it everything will be under one click.

The 3D view will let you view the earth and land below the airplane from the pilot’s view that is it will provide t=you the 3D view of the land.

You will see your position right where you are standing and tracking the airplane, it will let you see the 3D view of that place too.


It will track the destination of the plane along with its origin from where it started its flight too. The number of passengers and the flight crew everything will be tracked upon for you.


Most of all this application is free of cost to use. You will not be asked to pay anything before it’s downloading and right after it’s downloading.

Hence there is some premium version of this application that is the Gold and the silver one which is also discussed later in this article.

Otherwise that you will not be asked to pay for the installation and the usage of this application it is free of cost tracker more than an application.

Check Speed

You can not only track the destination and origin of the flight but can also check upon the speed of the flight right over you.

Flight Number

And if you want to check online about the truth of the results shown by this application, you can simply check upon the flight number of that airplane using this application later check online about that flight number and its destination and crew details too.

Silver Version

If talking about its premium version, its first premium version is its sliver Flight Radar24 that will provide you some additional features that will provide you ire accurate results.


Its silver version will generate alerts about the notification of that flight when it will land next to its destination.

Aircraft Detail

You can also check up on the crew details from this application, check upon the number of members in the crew and their names with ages too.


With silver premium check upon 90 days history of the plane being tracked.

Gold Version

Its supreme premium package is Gold Flight Radar24, which has its unique features. The features it provides are quite distinct and unique from the rest.


You can check upon 365 days history if the plane being tracked by this application

Weather Forecast

Check up on the weather condition this plane will go through using its Gold premium version.

In-App Purchases

As described earlier this application does not charge any in-app purchases but if you want to go for its silver and gold version you have to pay some amount using your google play store account.


If you ever wondered how this application works let us tell you a summarized form of working of this application. Aircraft are equipped with Ads-B Transponders which in turn are connected with their base stations.

Flight Radar 24 Pro Apk has more than 200 base stations around the globe that track aircraft through their ADS- B transponders thus giving the exact position and data of the aircraft.


Instead of calling and visiting airports again and again to get the information of any aircraft it is way better to have your own tracker which will not cost you a single penny and can be sued through your own personal mobile gadget.