Football Strike Mod

If you want to play all time famous football game then you are at the right place. The Football Strike MOD APK is a legendary football game produced to date for smartphone users. It is a real-time multiplayer soccer game that you can download for free from our provided link.

Game Overview

Football Strike Mod Apk

Football Strike Mod Apk

In this game of football, you can choose your team and train each player and upgrade their stats to make them more skillful in the game. There are plenty of players from whom you can make your team and all of our real players from the world of football.

To play shots you have to use your fingers. A simple swipe is enough to shoot the ball either toward your teammates or towards the goal. The speed of the swipe determines the power of the strike with which you hit the football.

These small strategies like swiping speed, spinning the ball to doge, etc will help you play a wonderful game of soccer on the field. And off the field, you have many other amazing options to try.

The best one is the customization option that can be used to change the appearances of your players and also upgradation features that can be used to level up your soccer players.

Additional Information

Varies with device
Requires Android
5 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 69MB
Updated on 6 December 2022
Category Games
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Football Strike Gameplay

Football Strike

Football Strike

If you are a die-hard football fan then you should download this Football Strike MOD APK. It has a multiplayer option where you will be playing a real-time soccer match against either your friends or any random person from the internet.

There are many other game modes apart from the multiplayer modes. The best one is the offline career mode where you can select your one football player and the whole game will revolve around him and his achievements. You can earn different medals and trophies while playing in this career mode.

Football Strike Features

Football Strike

Football Strike

Below are some of the notable features of the game Football Strike MOD APK.

Chose From Your Team

In this legendary game of football, you will be given the complete freedom to choose any of the teams from the real world. There are different teams and different clubs available that you can select as your playing team.

Add Different Players

In the starting, you will be given a budget and in that budget, you have to make your team by adding different skillful players to your team. As the budget is limited so not all great players can be added. But once you start to play and earn money, you can add more players to your team.

Energy Ball Challenge

The energy ball challenge is another game mode that you can try for some quick game currency. There you have quick challenges and in all of those challenges, you have to put the ball in the energy ring and earn rewards in the form of different items and money.

Collect Different Items

You also have the option to collect different items for your players in this game. These items range from different levels of powerful soccer shoes to different types of soccer balls. You can also collect different items for the stadiums to make your gameplay even better.

Build A Career

If you don’t want to play in the online multiplayer mode of the game then you have the career mode where you will have to select a player of your choice and you have to play with him in different stages and increase his popularity. In short, you will build his career by winning different games that he will play.


No matter how big of a gamer you are, if you have not played this Football Strike MOD APK yet, then you are far behind my brother. So if you are a true soccer lover, then you should download this amazing game and enjoy freebies and unlocked features.