Free Fire

Are you looking for Grena Free Fire Mod Apk then you are landed on the right page. Today we will share with you Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Coins and Diamonds. You can download its apk free from here.

Free fire Mod Apk

Free fire Mod Apk

Gerena Free Fire is a multiplayer online battle royal game. It is an ultimate shooter game played on mobile. It was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Gerena for both platforms on Android and iOS.

The game comprises 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the player is placed on an island and plays against 49 players. A total number of 50 players play and fight against each other for their survival. The gameplay Gerena is considered a fast-paced game due to the short interval of the given time.

The game begins and the player drops from the airplane using a parachute and decides their landing spot. When the player falls onto the ground they start collecting their supplies or loot before the safe zone starts to shrink causing the gamers to move fast rather than to hide causing the gamers to develop intensity and interest. Contestants start getting around the island using a vehicle and the last standing person, who survives till the last wins the game.

The game increases its heat and stamina by developing different modes in the game. Despite the fact, that there may occur different modes in the gameplay but they do not give any important modifications to the game rather just apply cosmetic changes or the level of ranking.

Additional Information

19 February 2022
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 12+
Category Games
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free fire

free fire

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the default mode of the game. This game is played on any one of the following maps:

  • Purgatory
  • Bermuda

It does not require any additional rules, the last man standing is the winner

Ranked Game

Ranked Game allows us to get ranking points as the name indicates. This is almost the same as the classic game but you do not need to get the select map. Participation in these matches gives extra ranking points i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze. This game mode also advances you to get a 20% bonus on the earned cash and experience.

Moreover, this game mode can only be accessed if the character has experience level up to 10.

Rush Hour

This game has a time limit and limited space available causing the gamer to hype-up and those who love fast-paced games like it more.

Additionally, this model of the game is only available once a week. Probably every Monday.

Custom Game

This mode allows you to host your own server via the custom lab. However, the mode does not allow to earn ranking points

Solo, Duo, and Squad

This mode allows the gamer to play according to their choice i.e. Alone (solo), with another player (Duo), or in a team (squad).

Clash Squad Ranked

2 teams, comprising 4 players each will complete and will have different ranking systems compared to regular battle mode players can have access to aim-lock-hindering smoke grenades in this mode.


free fire

free fire


If we talk about character’s Free Fire consist of 24 character’s and each of them exhibits not only distinguish cosmetic abilities but also performance traits too. An interesting fact that Garena allows you to make the choice. As you play with your character, you develop memory fragments which may boost your level.


There are several vehicles in the game which may help the character to travel faster, or provide additional protection. The game possesses jeep, pickup truck, monster truck, sports car, motorcycle, amphibious motorcycle, tuk-tuk.

Auto Aim & Fire (AimBot)

Using this feature you will not lose any game. Using this feature you will automatically attack your enemies and your bullet will hit the target enemies correctly. High chances of winning the game. When someone will attack you. You will automatically shoot him before he shoots you.

Unlimited Coins and Diamond

The most amazing thing about our mod version is that you will get Unlimited Coins and Diamonds. This is the form of money and using it you can unlock different features such as characters, Guns, Maps, etc.

Unlimited Health

In our mod version, you will also get unlimited health. When someone will hit you its means your health will be decreased and if it reaches it zero you will die. With an unlimited health kit, you can increase your health and will not die until the end.

New Maps

New maps are added in this game day by day. These new maps will not let you bore at all. Recently Kalhari map has been added to this game and is quite amazing than other maps.

All characters are unlocked

We always want to use all the available characters on the game but unfortunately, most of them are locked by the developer. In order to unlock them, we have to pay real money. But don’t worry in our mod version you will get all the characters fully unlocked.

Shooting with Swimming

If you played the original version of this game you might have noticed that you can shoot while swimming. But in our mod version, you can easily shot while swimming on the water.


Whenever someone plays mod version his/here account will always got banned. But wait our mod version will not ban your account at all. You can play it without any fear.

Inspired By

Free Fire Game although sits behind games like PUBG, Call of Duty, or Fortnite. It is said that these games possess better features and graphics. It is said that “Free Fire isn’t worth downloading for players who are committed to other battles royal game but if you are new then it’s not a bad introduction to the genre.” Moreover, this game requires less space compared to others i.e. it only requires 500Mb space for installation


If you love shooting game then this game is for you. Once you play this game you are going to love this game if you are a new user. If you are an old user you will get some new features in it as I have mentioned above like Unlimited health and coins as well as unlimited health. New maps are added to Free Fire Mod Apk that is more interesting than previous maps.Download Button Exists