Game Keyboard

We have been playing games on PCs since we were children, but due to the evolution of technology people usually play games on mobile devices instead of PC. There are a few popular games from the past that have been favorites of everyone including GTA Vice City, Call of Duty, IGI, etc.

Game Keyboard

Game Keyboard

As we remember we used to implement some cheat codes on games through our keyboard because having any text input device with the screen was the key feature to implement cheat codes.

But now due to digitalization the size of the screen has become smaller and it seems quite difficult to have any input text device with the screen.

Also, the interface of the game is designed in such a way that the text screen is now almost removed from the interface.

Game Keyboard apk is the best solution to the problems like these, if you want to enter cheat codes in any game secretly this keyboard will let you do so.

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Updated on 20 February 2022
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Game Keyboard

Game Keyboard

Text Input

With this keyboard, you will be able to input any alphabet no matter capital or small you will find a toggle key to shift the size of the text.

As some cheat codes comprise over small and capital words both so this keyboard will let you enter both types of texts right from your screen of the device.


As we know many cheat codes are a combination of alphabets and digits, you can also input digits right from the screen of your mobile device.

Cheat Codes

With the help of Game Keyboard Apk, you will be able to enter any type of cheat code right from the screen of your device, without getting bothered by the screen size.


The interface of this keyboard is kept as simple a d similar to the interface of any normal keyboard used over mobile devices commonly thus it will make it more convenient to use over the mobile screen with more ease.


As mentioned above this keyboard will follow the same interface pattern as the normal keyboards, so following the QWERTY layout pattern, you will find out this pattern is easier to use over any mobile device.

Because we are now only used to QWERTY layout and with this layout, you will never find it difficult to apply cheats codes on any game.


Also, the size of this keyboard is resizable as that is you can adjust the size according to the size of your screen or according to your ease.

This means if you want to make this keyboard only up to the size that can be used with one hand this will also provide you ease to do so too.


One of the most interesting facts of this application is it is compatible with almost every android device starting an operating system from 2.2 and higher. This feature plays an important role in the success of this application as users with lower android operating versions will be capable of using this application.


Game Keyboard Apk is no doubt like a blessing for people who love to play mobile games and are addicted to them and found it sometimes really difficult to finish some stages of popular games without cheat codes.

This application will help those users in such a situation where they will have to enter cheat codes as a shortcut to finish any stage more easily and quickly.