Game Of Sultans

Game of Sultans Mod Apk is a full RPG simulation game. Where you will get a chance to live a life like a real sultan. The main storyline of Game of Sultan is about snatching the emperor from your foe.

Game of Sultans Mod Apk

Game of Sultans Mod Apk

Deal with every part of your domain and feel free to snatch the sultan’s cap. Game of Sultan is a totally convincing game. Where you have to build castles for your team to recruit them against the enemies.

Like many castles, you build you will get much power against your foe which will ultimately lead to an increased number of your army.

Commanding the army at right time and in the right order will ultimately put a huge impact on the result of the game. This game is totally about the lifestyle of a real sultan. Where you will encounter the life of a real sultan

Additional Information

Name Game Of Sultans Mod Apk
Updated 18 February 2022
Developed by Mechanist Internet Technology
Released on 26 Jul 2018
Download size 434 MB
Total downloads 10M+
Category Games
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Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

Become a sultan

This game will let you encounter the life of a real sultan. You will experience the full lifestyle of a sultan by recruiting your army and living in the palace.

Also, the lavish lifestyle of the sultan will make you more addicted to the game. Thus tending you to play again and again.

Rule your emperor

Being a sultan you can rule your emperor in your ways.

Expand the wardrobe

You can expand your wardrobe by buying new dresses from the coins earned from completing tasks.

Recruit army

Recruit your army the build castles so the attack from the enemies should be stopped easily.

Raise family

Bring up your toddler to a beautiful grown-up.

Forge partnership

You can make your companions and foes. Command your companions against your foe to win the battle.


This game is beautifully developed with 3D graphics so every inch of this game seems so real.


Narrations mean the whole storyline of this game is narrated first for new users so it will help them to be used to the game storyline.

Narrations are kept so simple and clear that the users can easily understand the scenario of the whole game.

Mod features

  • Unlimited diamonds.
  • Free to download.
  • Safe.
  • Auto-update
  • Easy to install
  • No root is required.

What’s in the update?

As mentioned earlier this game is very carefully developed. There is no need to enhance and upgrade the features of the game but just to be in the line of updated games every update of this game comes with new amazing features.

  • All bugs fix.
  • Unlimited gold.
  • More wardrobes.


There are many RPG games on the internet but the uniqueness of this game is the encounter of the lavish lifestyle of a sultan which no other game can provide you so.

This game is all about recruiting your army against your foes to get a dominant position in the game. Build your castles recruit your army there to have a dominant hand against your foes.

Game of Sultan is a beautiful 3D game that is designed very carefully keeping all the interest of users. Long story short this is an addictive game for those who love to play real RPG games on mobile devices.


Q: Is Game of Sultan a free game?

Yes, the Game of Sultan is free.

Q: Does Game of Sultan include in-app purchases?

Yes, this game does include in-app purchases.

Q: Is it safe to download the Modded version of Game of Sultan?

Yes, the Modded version is safe to use.

Q: Can Game of Sultan be played offline?

No, this game is an RPG game and can be played online only.

Q: Can be download Game of Sultan from the play store? 

Yes, you can download this game free of cost from the play store but the Modded version of this game can be downloaded from the provided link in our article.