Go Fish Mod

The games these days are made according to reality. The tasks and activities that you do in real life are depicted in the games so that is the reason why they are so successful. So if you like to go out and do fishing and love to catch fish, then this Go Fish Mod Apk is the game designed for you people. Here you will get unlimited money and gems for free.

Game Overview

Go Fish Mod Apk

Go Fish Mod Apk

The Go Fish Mod Apk is a fishing simulator game that has been designed in the most simplistic way possible. It hardly takes less than a minute for anyone to understand how to play this game and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete any sort of challenge or mission here in the game.

So this means that the game itself is very easy to play and will make you addicted to it. But this addiction is not a worry at all for any of you as the game does not takes much time of yours and you can play it at any time of the day and at any place you want.

There is plenty of fish that you can catch in this Go Fish Mod Apk. You just need to do what you do in real life. Put bait on the hook and throw it in the water. And then wait for the fish to take your bait and that’s it, you have caught your first fish.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 62 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 15 November 2022
Category Games
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Go Fish Gameplay

Go Fish Mod Apk

Go Fish Mod Apk

This Go Fish Mod Apk is a very simple game to play in terms of the controls along with that very cute graphics are added. Things are not so complex here. You need a fishing rod, bait a hook, and a net to catch a fish.

Likely to say you will also need a boat in which you will go to the middle of the sea or the river. Any place you want, you can fish there. But there is a twist in this too. You have to unlock the depths of the ocean or the sea to go more deeply into the water why do you need to do this? Because at one stage the fish on the surface will no longer be available and you will need to go deeper to catch more fish.

Go Fish Features

Go Fish

Go Fish

There are too many features to talk about of this Go Fish Mod Apk. But not are to be discussed here. So I have gathered the most important ones below. Have a look at them.

Fish Around The World

Fishing and world adventure are the 2 most fascinating things to look out for. So this game provides both of them. You can fish anywhere in the whole world. Just take your boat and go to the place where you want to fish. that’s it.

Fish Trophies

This is one of the most well-added features of the game. This lets you collect trophies of the fish that you capture. It is a sort of memory and achievement as you have collected this much fish. Any fish that you collect, will be represented as a trophy in your collection.

Go Deep Into The Water

Initially, the fishes on the surface level are enough for you to play the game at the start. But later stages require more unique fish to be collected and they lie at the depths of the seas and oceans. And these depths are locked. So you need to unlock them to collect those fishes from the far depths of the seas and oceans.

Constant Net Upgrades

If you want to catch a larger amount of fish, then you will have to upgrade the net you use. This net will be responsible for the number of fish that can be accommodated in the net. So in short upgrade the net to get more fish.

What’s New?

  • Great News! Fish Farm is updated to the latest version 1.5.3

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There is no complexity and no hard and fast rule to play this amazing fishing game. The Go Fish Mod Apk is a relaxing game that takes you into the world of adventure where you can fish at any place you want. So fishing lovers are you ready to dive into the ocean depths and catch more fish? If yes then download this game right now and enjoy fishing.