Going Balls Mod

As you know that 3d casual platformer games are very easy to play and they are very interesting as well and can pass your boring time and turn it into a relaxing one. So the Going Balls Mod APK is yet another casual platformer game that you people can download and enjoy on your mobile devices.

Game Overview

Going Balls Mod Apk

Going Balls Mod Apk

As the name suggests that this game is all about balls. In this game, you will be getting different balls to play with. Now, these different balls are just for a change just like the different characters available in the other games.

Your task in this game is to roll the ball on the all different sorts of tracks and platforms and avoid the obstacles that come your way. The ball will roll automatically and you just have to control its direction

You will just use the fingers to control and guide your ball and guiding will be needed when your ball needs to collect the different items and coins or they see obstacles coming its way that needs to be avoided.

Just like the bowling ball, your ball with roll, but it will roll endlessly until the finish line comes. And once the finish line comes, your game level will be over and you will be presented with your scores and collected currency.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.1 and up
Size 213 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 18 November 2022
Category Games
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Going Balls Gameplay

Going Balls Mod Apk

Going Balls Mod Apk

Being a casual platformer game, this game rings satisfaction level through its relaxing gameplay for its users. The Going Balls Mod Apk is all about how well you can guide your ball on the different tracks and in different scenarios without getting hit by obstacles.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is the height. You need to make sure that your ball is on the platform and does not fall while making jumps or moving toward its target.

Balls of different shapes and different sizes are there for you. You can unlock them and use them instead of your stock ball. These balls will vary from a football to a tennis ball and a tennis ball to a rolling watermelon.

Going Balls Features

Going Balls

Going Balls

Below we will be talking about some of the features of the Going Balls Mod Apk that I think everyone needs to know due to the amazing value that they add to the game.

Different Ball Styles

You will get a simple default ball at the start but you have the availability of different balls. You have to earn money to unlock them and earning money is easy as you will collect coins during the matches, so that is going to be your money that will be used to unlock these balls.

Balls With Powers

Not only do these balls differ in size and style but they also have different powers associated with them. Different balls have different moving speeds and different hitting strengths. So you can unlock the most advanced ball if you have the money.

Collect Coins And Items

This game also gives you the chance to collect different sorts of items and coins during your gameplay. The coins are simple currency where items can vary from boosters to customization options for your ball.

Upgrade The Ball

An upgraded ball will be needed in the later stages of the game where you will get difficult gameplay. So an updated ball will have more speed and more powers that are needed to pass the later stages with good points.


The Going Ball Mod Apk is all about how well you guide your ball and well you manage it. Collecting coins will help you in unlocking more items and upgrades for your ball whereas plenty of challenges and playing arenas are there for you.