GTA San Andreas

Almost every one of us has played the GTA game series in our childhood. Every child of the ’90s was a dying heart fan of the GTA series.

But now it seems difficult to play this game on the systems as everyone is busy in their life. So for taking this concern developers have released its mobile version too.

GTA San Andreas Apk

GTA San Andreas Apk

GTA San Andreas Apk is the mobile version of GTA Vice City. Where the main storyline revolves around a guy named Carl. Along with Mod Apk, you will get OBB and Cheats.

Carl lives in San Andreas and his family was killed by the gangster. Even the corrupt police officers compelled him to leave the city. But Carl started to fight all to take revenge on his family. It is also called GTA SA Apk in short form.

At that time everyone was in part of crimes being happened in San Andreas and Carl traveled through every street of the city to catch the gangsters who murdered his family.

The entire game is about the chase and fight but follows a storyline of Carl’s life. Thus the game becomes more addictive.

Additional Information

Name GTA San Andreas
Version 2.01
Updated on 3/27/2021
Released on 5 September 2023
Offered by Rockstar Games
Total Downloads 1M+
Category Games
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GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

You will find all features and highlights of GTA as you can its PC version. Still below we have mentioned the top highlights of this game which you can find on its mobile version. Stay Tuned.


While Carl moves through the city, explore through the map his destination. Because every street will be available on the map. This feature makes this game worth playing for the newbies too.

Because the beginners will watch and take the guide from the map. Every building, river, airport, the street will be marked up on the map.


Moving through the city can be assisted by the vehicle. Choose any vehicle you want to. No matter a small one or the one used by the military or police.

If you want to snatch the vehicle from the rest of the character you can do so too. But make sure to be careful while choosing the vehicle. Your chosen vehicle will put a great impact on the progress of the game too.


Fight with the rest of the characters. Punch them make them hurt and snatch their belongings. Along with those choose any weapons from the weapon store of your choice.

You can even buy high-end weapons from the stores too in exchange for the coins and the earned rewards.


With every new game and stage, you will be asked to finish the assigned mission. After the completion of the mission, you will be awarded coins and rewards which you can use layer in place of in-app purchases.

Compilation of every mission is also important to get into the next succeeding mission because the key to unlocking the next succeeding stage is to accomplish the first assigned one.


We all are familiar with how realistic GTA Vice City used to be. The same is the case with its mobile version which is GTA San Andreas Apk. Its graphics are well developed and everything seems much more realistic.

No matter the characters or views everything seems much realistic and near to the real world. Even the movement of the character is very real.


Your character will be observed from multiple angles. Select any camera angle for your character and check in and out about it.


In this version provided by, you have full freedom to customize your car. You can even change color, tire, rims, doors, and engine as well. Ultimately you can make your dream car with this version which is fully unlocked.

100 Missions

You can play different missions in this game. Each mission has its own thrill and fun. So you will never be bored while playing GTA San Andreas download Android 2021.

Once you complete the mission you will get some rewards that you can use to purchase different things on the game such as cars, trucks, helicopters,s, and houses as well. These missions include

  • breaking into an army base
  • Riding quad bikes
  • chase down thieves
  • rob a bank
  • shoot remote control planes and many more


GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

The popularity of the GTA series doesn’t need our verdict though. But if you are still confused about its mobile version that is GTA San Andreas Apk then at least try this application on our recommendation.

You will find the same detail of the game as you can find it on its pc version. Control of the game is quite easy to use even for the newbies. Give this application a try once you will be surely be addicted to its mobile version too.

And if you are wondering about its security concern during downloading then male yourself relax MobApk will provide you with its official and secure version.


Q:  How can we download GTA San Andreas?

You can simply download its official version from the Google Play Store.

Q: How can we safely download the GTA San Andreas?

If you want to download the GTA San Andreas safely and without the involvement of any third party just click on the above-mentioned click it will start your downloading at once.

Q: Is Gtan Sans Andreas Free

Ans: Well there is no free version available for this game but still you can download it apk from which is 100% working.