Gun War

So you are tired of playing running and building games. And are trying to play something different. So the idea of playing Gun War Mod Apk will click you.

Gun war Mod Apk

Gun war Mod Apk

gun war shooting games mod apk is unique based on its idea and theme. This is not like any ordinary 2D shooting game but is a highly developed 3D game that will give you the experience of real-time shooting.

gun war is not only for the professionals but for the noobs too. As this has basic to advanced level for people of all interests. More amazingly this game is offline you have to download this game just once and the rest of the playing will be offline.

This game has loads of uniqueness not only in the idea of the game but in having the variety of weapons and the modes of the game too. This game is the complete bundle of any shooting game.

Additional Information

Version 2.8.1
Released by Shooter Studio
Released on 10 April 2017
Updated on 18 February 2022
Size 59MB
Total downloads 10M+
Category Games
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Gun War Shooting Games Mod Apk

Gun War Shooting Games Mod Apk

As mentioned above this game is a bundle of fun, joy, and excitement. After reading the storyline of the game you might be understood about the theme of the game but still, there is more to go.

Here we have mentioned some top features with which the Gun War game comes with and these features are.

  • Multi-languages
  • Epic weapons
  • Maps
  • Team system
  • Leaderboard
  • Shooting tasks
  • Weapon upgrade


As this game is available on the google play store a can be downloaded from any region of this world. And users from different geographical areas face difficulty in understanding the language in which the game provides the guide.

To solve the problem this game already comes with 15+ languages all around the world. Thus Gun War Mod Apk will not give any tough time understanding the game idea.

Epic Weapons

As this is a shooting game so the weapon and type of weapon are considered as the basic building block of this game. Choosing the right weapon for any mode will provide ease to win the contest.


Every mode of this game provides a new map and location thus giving the illusion of a new game every time to switch between the maps.

This is the feature that makes this game in the top list of many other shooting games because every tome having the same map and interface will give the boredom to the player.

Team System

This game is based on teamwork. You can play with your teammates to defeat your enemy. You can play with your favorite players to make your position dominate in the game.


With your teammates and in group play you can make your dominant position in the leader board of the game.

Other participants from all around the world will try to beat your high score and will always be in hurry to create their record to be on the leaderboard. This idea makes this game a lot more appreciable.

Shooting Tasks

You will be assigned many shooting tasks as well which you have to complete in the specified time. If you get succeeded in doing so then you will be rewarded with many awards which you can use later in buying new weapons or in the up-gradation of the old weapons.

Weapon Upgrade

This game will allow you to upgrade the odd weapons too. You can purchase gadgets and accessories for the weapons to make them more efficient and get their cent percent usage.


Gun War Shooting Games Mod Apk

Gun War Shooting Games Mod Apk

In short, this game is a bundle of fun, shooting, and joy. This game provides the opportunity to polish your shooting skills.

Along with this you can set your record on the leaderboard and can challenge other players to defeat you in the score of you. This game is well developed. Developers have put a lot in the graphics and storyline of Gun War Mod Apk.

We highly suggest you try this game once. This would be a worthy idea to try something new which can make you more addicted to its idea.


Q: Can we play the Gun War game offline?

Yes, this is an offline game.

Q: Can we upgrade the weapons too?

Yes, by completing the tasks you will be rewarded with many awards which you can use in the purchase of gadgets to upgrade the weapon.

Q: Is this game is free of cost?

Yes, this game is free.

Q: Does this game include in-app purchases?

Yes, it does include the in-app purchases, but the price is very low that it can be negotiated sometimes.