Gym Fighting Mod

Fighting is what boys love. And if taken in terms of sports then this activity is shaped into a healthy exercise. In the world, there are different types of fighting sports, from kickboxing to wrestling and from wrestling to KungFu and Martial Arts. And what if I tell you that in Gym Fighting Mod Apk you will get all of these and more fighting options?

Game Overview

Gym Fighting Mod Apk

Gym Fighting Mod Apk

This game is an offline game of fighting. Plenty of fighting styles are available for you. And due to its offline nature, you can play this game anywhere and anytime. The amazing thing about this game lies in its story. Yes, the story.

This game follows a story of a fighter. The same fighter who is going to be your playable character in the game. This fighter is very much disturbed by his GYM owner and wants to leave the gym.

Now to run away from his gym owner, he must win the fight scheduled with him, and yet after defeating him he can’t stay away from the world of fighting, and to live and feed himself he has to fight.

So he turns into a professional fighter having all the necessary Kung Fu and other fighting skills available in the Gym Fighting Mod APK.

Apart from this storyline, you get plenty of characters to play with in the Gym Fighting Mod Apk. You can unlock them at any stage of the game and enjoy your fighting competitions with them.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 85MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 27 October 2022
Category Games
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Gym Fighting Gameplay

Gym Fighting Mod Apk

Gym Fighting Mod Apk

You might be wondering what sort of amazement will this game provide if it is an offline game. Yes, I know your concern is right but believe there is no other better-fighting game than this Gym Fighting Mod Apk. With simple controls having movement buttons and kick-and-punch moves you can do wonders.

As with most fighting games, you get 2 main actions to perform. The kicks and the punches. So you can make your combo moves with these actions.

Gym Fighting Features

Gym Fighting

Gym Fighting

The following are going to be some of the features of the Gym Fighting Mod Apk game, that will fascinate you. So let’s have a look at those below.

Quick Fight Matches

Just like any other fighting game, you get to play quick matchups here too. You just have to select your fighter in the Gym Fighting Mod Apk quick arcade matchup mode and select your opponent and that’s it. You can play straight away.

Plenty Of Fighting Styles

This game has a bunch of fighting styles for you. You can either select a kung fu fighter or an experienced martial arts one. You can also go for the fighter who is good at kick Boxing or MMA mode and fighters are also available to you in this game.

Fight and Progress Through The Story

As the main playing mode of this game is its story mode so you have to fight to move ahead in the next levels. The fights you win will reward you with resources and points that will help you in later fights.

Customize And Upgrade

This game also allows you to customize your fighter to make it look good. The more good-looking your fighter is the more popularity he will get. So always invest in him.


Once you start playing this game there is no turning back. The fights in the Gym Fighter Mod Apk will make you go wow and you will be addicted to its amazing combo and K.O moves. So just hit the download button provided and download this game right now.