Head Boxing Mod

The Head Boxing Mod Apk is a game for all the boxing lovers out there. The game is a game of violence, as anyone can expect from a boxing game but also the game features funny character styles that make it amazing to play for its players.

Game Overview

Head Boxing Mod Apk

Head Boxing Mod Apk

The Head Boxing Mod Apk is a game that everyone would like to play. As the game features tons of characters to play with and you’ll be amazed to know about their style.

Yes, every character in this game has a big head and along with that big head they have small bodies. So in short mini character style has been implemented that makes it funnier. But this funny thing also has another side.

This game is the most lethal boxing game that you have ever played. There will be lots of blood on your face when you are fighting in the ring and what other things could one expect from the boxing games other than violence and action?

You can also customize your character in a variety of ways in this Head Boxing Mod Apk. Their boxing gloves, their skills, their stamina, and all the other attributes needed to make your fighter the best, can be upgraded here in this game.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Size 34 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 9 November 2022
Category Games
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Head Boxing Gameplay

Head Boxing Mod Apk

Head Boxing Mod Apk

The Head Boxing Mod Apk comes with mini character styles with the big head and small bodies giving it a hilarious touch. So if you are someone who loves these sorts of games then you should not miss out on this amazing game.

This game is also not behind in terms of the game modes that it provides the players with. You get the luxury of playing in more than 7 different modes where the quicker one is the one on one mode and the most difficult one is the tournament mode.

Head Boxing Features

Head Boxing

Head Boxing

There are tons of amazing features to offer by the Head Boxing Mod Apk. So we’ll only be discussing some of the best ones below.

7 Different Head Boxing Modes

In terms of the number of modes, the game is not far behind. Here you are getting tons of playing modes to try your luck in. If one game mode doesn’t give you enough success, then no worries move to the next one. A total of 7 different game modes are available for you to play and you can master all of them as every game mode is different from another one.

Rounds Of Fights

Just like real boxing where you get different rounds of fighting in a single match, here in this game you are getting the same thing. A minimum of 2 rounds are there for you to fight in. And to beat the opponents you have to knock them out and dominate them in all of the rounds.

Long Head Boxing Tournaments

For those of you who want themselves get indulged in the amazing long tournaments, this game is providing you that luxury also. Just take your boxer and start a tournament. Fight your way through all the group stages and reach the final and win it to get the trophy.

Funny Character Styles

Even though the game is full of action but there is also an added touch of fun put into the style of the characters. Mini characters will funny big heads are what you will be looking at when you’ll open the game. So don’t shy away from having them as your best fighters.

What’s New In Head Boxing?

  • Bone fracture system
  • 100 achievements
  • Other bug fixes.

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The Head Boxing Mod Apk will make you feel and taste real boxing in terms of the gameplay and action fights and for an added bit of fun, the funny big-head characters are enough. So download the game now and enjoy your boxing matches.