Hot Slide Mod

Let’s be honest, we all built a love and fascination with racing games through the need for speed, that we used to play in our childhood. Now as the times have passed, many games have been built, and that too for android smartphones. The Hot Slide Mod Apk is one of many games that comes with a background of a racing game.

Game Overview

Hot Slide Mod Apk

Hot Slide Mod Apk

The Hot Slide Mod Apk being a drag racing game is a minimal sort of game that comes with a top-down viewing angle rather than the close road viewing angles. This view compliments the nature of the game which is why it has been designed that way.

This game is all about drifting and drag racing. The game is not behind many other games in terms of the vehicles and cars it comes up with. With more than 30 different types of cars, cars of all sizes, from trucks to formula racing cars, you get all of them.

Dynamic weather changes and difficult terrains with obstacles all around the place put to slow you down and eliminate you while you are competing against different players is what this Hot Slide Mod Apk has to offer in terms of difficulty.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Size 167MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 18 August 2022
Category Games
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Hot Slide Gameplay

Hot Slide Mod Apk

Hot Slide Mod Apk

You can play the Hot Slide Mod Apk in both offline and online game modes. Many players prefer to play the Hot Slide game in the online game mode where they can easily challenge their friends and other people for a duel. With tons of great players competing in a single race, the thrill is unmatched.

If you wish to play the offline mode of this game, then I must tell you that the game offers a great number of difficult challenges and quests here in this game mode. You will have to complete each one of them and with time and your progress, the difficulty level of these challenges also increases.

Hot Slide Features

Hot Slide

Hot Slide

The features of the Hot Slide Mod Apk are given below.

30 Plus Vehicles

The game is well ahead of many games when it comes to the quality and quantity of vehicles. You can have a vehicle of every sort. From trucks to tractors and from tractors to SUVs and formula racing cars, you will get all of them in this game to race with.

Challenge Your Friends

The online game mode has an option where you can easily challenge your friends for a quick face-off. Invite them to the game and challenge them to a duel and race with them. The best racer will win the game.

Avoid The Obstacles

This is also another game feature to look at. While racing with the players online, you will see many obstacles throughout the whole track. These obstacles are there for everyone and everyone needs to avoid them. They slow your speed in many cases and in some cases they will eliminate you from the game.

Offline Game Challenges

Don’t have an internet connection? No problem. Play the offline game mode and complete the different challenges and quests given to you. Earn after completing the challenge and also perform well during the challenge to earn even bigger rewards.

Upgrade Your Cars To The Nex Level

The car that you like and want to race with for a longer period, you can invest your money in it. Buy upgrades for that car and modify it to use its full potential.


The Hot Slide Mod Apk is a great drag racing game that if you play it with your friends, you won’t see the clock ticking. An endless amount of addictive gameplay in terms of thrilling and fascinating races is waiting for you so don’t wait and hit the download button now.