Idle Tuber Mod

YouTube is a great way to become famous. Many people in the real world want to become famous on YouTube, but most of them are unable to fulfill this dream. For those people, I had brought this Idle Tuber Mod Apk game.

Idle Tuber Mod APK

Idle Tuber Mod APK

The Idle Tuber is a simulation RPG game where you can role play as a YouTube and live the life of the YouTube star in the virtual world of the game. You can create, edit, upload all different sorts of videos. You can also go live and interact with your fans.

All of the things in this game that you will do are related to real YouTube so you will feel like a real famous influencer and YouTube creator. There are a lot of different style characters that you can choose from.

Not only that, but any character that you chose can also be further customized in its look and style. So there are plenty of options for you to choose from. You can then play with your chosen character and make him a famous superstar.

Another notable thing about the Idle Tuber Mod Apk is that you also get a lot of real YouTube stars as a character which you can unlock in the game as you proceed, and role play as them.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 4 May 2022
Category Games
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As the Idle Tuber Mod Apk is a role play game so it starts with you choosing your character. Each character has its unique style and looks so you can get a variety of options on that.

Your main task in the game is to become famous and complete different tasks and complete all the levels of the game. You start as an amateur creator and with time as you earn some money and reach certain levels, you can hire other people who can create videos for you in large quantities.


Idle Tuber

Idle Tuber

The amazing features of the Idle Tuber Mod Apk are listed below.

Become A YouTube Star

You can become a YouTube star in this game. You can live the life of a YouTube and build your own success story. You will struggle just like any real YouTuber and you will become famous just like a real-life YouTube star. You can earn money and live a great life in this RPG game.

Complete Entertaining Tasks

In the game, you have to complete different tasks which are provided to you at each level. There are a lot of different levels in this game and each level has certain tasks. And after the completion of every level, there are hidden rewards and points for you to proceed to the next levels.

Make Videos

You can make different types of videos in this application. You can make V-logs, make educational videos, and all sorts of content. All of this depends on what sort of channel you chose to start.

Hire Video Editors

As you proceed in the game and earn some money you can hire other characters as your video editors who can edit videos for you so that you can a lot of videos. These options are not available to you at the start but as you complete a certain amount of levels, this option will be available to you.

Character Style

As there are all sorts of YouTube stars each having their style according to the content that they make, you can also depict that thing in this way and style your character in the way of your content. A lot of customization options are available to you in this game.


Idle Tuber

Idle Tuber

If you want to role play as a YouTuber, you can download this Idle Tuber Mod Apk game. The game has a lot of fun features. You can know the insides of being a YouTuber. You can create upload and earn from your YouTube Channel in this game.