Indian Bus Simulator Mod

Highbrow Interactive for many years has dominated the world of train simulation games. But now the studio is here with a realistically cool bus simulation game. The name of the game under discussion today is the Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk.

Game Overview

Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk

So the game Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a bus driving game as anyone can guess just by looking at the name. Here you have to live your life as an Indian bus driver.

A driving game is nothing without the vehicles and in this game, your rides will be buses. So you can expect anything from the real state to private buses in India. All different sorts of buses that travel in India are available in the game.

If you ask me about the routes and environment of this game, then primarily the routes are from Chennai to Bangalore. The buses are also from the state buses of Karnataka and other related area.

All of the buses are fully customizable and every part can be customized. You have the full freedom of installing the luxury facilities such as sleeping pillows, movie screens, charging ports, ACs, etc to your bus anytime in the Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Varies with device
Requires Android
6.0 and up
Size Varies with device
Ratings 4+
Updated on 1 June 2022
Category Games
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Indian Bus Simulator Gameplay

Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Let me tell you that this game is highly enjoyable. The Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk starts with a story. Your character is a poor man who has to gather some money by doing driver-for-hire jobs in the market. Once he has some money, he can then buy his bus and drive it according to himself.

Now what you must know here is that the more money you earn, the easier it becomes for your character to be able to buy more buses and start a fleet or bus transportation company.

Indian Bus Simulator Features

Indian Bus Simulator

Indian Bus Simulator

Let us know more about this game by reading the features section of the Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk in the below section.

Different Realistic Buses

All of the buses in this game have been designed realistically. The designs of both exterior and interior of the buss have been taken from the real state buses if India. So a great experience is waiting for you.

Indian State Routes

The routes on which you will drive your bus and carry out the transportation of the people are the states of Chennai and Bangalore. So a real feel of Indian routes can be expected.

Care Of Driver

The game not only focuses on the driver. Apart from the buses you also have to take care of your driver as well by building him a comfortable home, feeding him well, and taking care of his comfort.

Install Luxuries

Once you have started earning some money, then to make your service better you can easily install different luxury and comfort items in your buses. These are the sleeping pillows, a facility to watch movies, a facility to charge their phones, etc that can be added to your bus.

Build A Transport Empire

Once you are on the right track in the game and earning money, then you can buy different buses and hire different drivers. This way you can start your own transport company. You can cover many different routes and move a step closer to becoming the transport tycoon of the state. You can do the same in Lumber Inc as well.


If you want a realistic simulation game and if you have no problem driving a bus and making your transport empire, then download the Indian Bus Simulator Mod Apk. Here you will get a chance to experience the life of a bus driver and what challenges this life has. So don’t shy away from downloading the game.