Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod

There are lots of driving simulation games that you people have played to date. All of them are somewhat coming with the same gameplay concept. But here is a unique game that is although a driving simulation game but it is very much different from all the other games. The name is Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod Apk and it has gained a lot of popularity around the world in no time.

Game Overview

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod Apk

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod Apk

You will love this game if you are someone who loves to play driving simulation games. Being an Indian-origin game, the game promises to bring a fully designed Indian rural environment to you.

You have to drive a tractor so it will be a whole lot of new experience for you as most people don’t have that sort of experience with this sort of vehicle. So all you need is to take your tractor and follow the guidelines at the start to get the know-how on how to drive this vehicle.

The game is an open-world tractor-driving simulation game so there are lots of areas where you can go without any restrictions. But most of the time while doing the missions you will be required to follow the path to reach your destinations strictly.

The missions can be of many types. Sometimes you have to complete a certain task in a given time frame and sometimes you just have to collect as many coins and rewards as possible before reaching the destination.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 51 MB
Updated on 6 November 2023
Category Games
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Indian Tractor Simulator Gameplay

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator

This is a game of skill. You need to time your brakes and acceleration in this Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod Apk. This is because most of the terrains are off-road and bumpy so you need to be careful.

A total of 60 different types of missions there that you can take part in. More than 15 tractors are available with different powers and different sizes. Different branded tractors are also there but you need to unlock them as they come under the premium category of vehicles.

Indian Tractor Simulator Features

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator

Indian Tractor Pro Simulator

Below are some of the features of the Indian Tractor Simulator Mod Apk listed, so have a look at them for a better understanding of the game.

Taste The Off-Road Driving

If you are a fan of off-road driving and want to experience it from a different perspective then this game is the best thing for you as here you can taste the thrill of off-road driving by driving a tractor which you probably haven’t done before.

Deliver Goods Using A Tractor Trolley

Another amazing challenge for you in this game is the challenges related to a tractor and trolley. Driving a tractor may be easy but when attached to a trolley, the task becomes a bit hard. So if you are ready for this challenge then you can transport goods using a trolley and tractor in this game.

Collect More Coins

Some tasks in this game are related to transporting goods while others relate to collecting coins. Yes, you will be given a starting point and an ending point and all you have to do is to reach your destination and collect the coins scattered on the track.

Do Import And Export

You will be running an import and export business as the majority of your tasks will be related to the transportation of goods for your customers. They are your orders so you have to fulfill them if you want to increase your earnings.


Based on Indian origin, the Indian Tractor Pro Simulator Mod Apk puts up a great depiction of Indian culture and truck driving simulation all in one place. So to taste this new experience, you can click the download button and enjoy the off-road driving experience with a tractor of your own.