Infinite Lagrange Mod

Ever wondered what it is like to explore the space and find a way to live there for the rest of your life? Not possible for you in real life but yes this is possible in the game that I’ll tell you about today. The Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk is the game that I’m talking about and you will see how you can explore the different parts of the space on your spaceships.

Game Overview

Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk

Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk

The Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk is a game that comes with a space simulation theme. The game is purely based on strategy and simulation of the space environment. This game also follows a fantastic storyline.

With the population increasing, not only on the Earth but also on the other planets as well. Every species of every planet has decided to look for resources in outer space and ways to live there. You in the game will be the representative of the human race and planet earth.

You are an admiral, that is what players in this game are called. Each admiral is tasked with a duty to go into outer space and find ways to migrate the human race there and live with freedom.

This all happened due to the lack of resources so every army on every planet is out there for survival. And this means that you will be fighting and battling with each one of them for the sake of resources.

For that reason, in the Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk, you have to make space stations, acquire different space ships, upgrade the weapons and build valuable alliances to get aid in the battles.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.1 and up
Size 165 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 23 August 2022
Category Games
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Infinite Lagrange Gameplay

Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk

Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk

Your first task in the Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk is to build a space station for yourself as an admiral from the earth. This will help you in exploring the space in a better way. Go out into space with your spaceship and find all the resources and items that can help you in building homes and other livable things for the human at a suitable place in space.

You won’t regret fighting in the Infinite Lagrange game due to its vivid graphics and futuristic designs. The amazing cut scenes during the adventures and fights are also a thing to look out for in this game.

Infinite Lagrange Features

Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange

Following are the features that the Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk comes up with.

Adventure In Space

If you like to explore space that is only explored 4 percent, then you can do that in this game with your spaceships. This is not a choice but a necessity and your primary job in the game is to find resources and places to live for the humans.

Find Resources And Living Areas In Space

Your job is to find the places in outer space that can serve as perfect living places for humankind. Not only that you also have to find resources and build different buildings and set up other living conditions as well in the space.

Plenty Of Space Ships

You won’t regret playing this game due to the vast collection of high-tech futuristic space ships that this game provides.

From battles space ships to the explorers and from explorers to the carrier space ships, you will have all of them under your command.

Lead As An Admiral

Your job is to not only find places and resources for the humans but also fight with the other forces as well. This is the last chance of survival and you will lead your army in the battles as an admiral and make sure that they win at any cost.

Build Space Alliances

You can also build different alliances with both other planetary forces and your friends as well to take down the bigger fishes in space causing a threat to you. These alliance battles also give you higher rewards and points for winning as compared to fighting alone in solo mode.


The Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk is for all those fellows who just want to taste the thrill and adventure of exploring unexplored space. The last chance of survival for the human race is here and you don’t want to miss that. So download the game now and enjoy exploring outer space.