Infinity 8 Ball Mod

Are you prepared to embrace the enchanting journey of becoming the ultimate pool master? Welcome to Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk, where the classic 8-ball pool game is transformed into a mesmerizing experience of infinite possibilities. With this modded version, the cues are magical, the challenges are thrilling, and the fun is boundless. Get ready to wield your virtual cue and immerse yourself in an unforgettable billiards adventure that defies all expectations.

Game Overview

Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk

Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk

In Infinity 8 Ball, get ready for an enchanting billiards experience that combines classic gameplay with a touch of magic and excitement. The game’s mechanics remain faithful to the traditional 8-ball pool, ensuring familiarity for players, but it introduces captivating twists that set it apart from ordinary billiards games.

This game redefines the classic 8-ball pool game by infusing it with an exhilarating twist. Players dive into a universe where every shot is an enchanting experience, filled with endless fun and surprises. The game’s modded version offers an extraordinary array of possibilities, making each turn at the table an exciting and unpredictable challenge.

This game also presents a diverse range of thrilling challenges that keep players engaged and entertained. Whether you’re a seasoned pool enthusiast or a newcomer to the game, you’ll find yourself immersed in a captivating experience.

You can take on various skill-based tasks, conquer tricky levels, and face off against AI opponents with varying degrees of difficulty. The challenges are as endless as the excitement they bring.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
5,000,000+ downloads
Ratings 4+
Size 223 MB
Updated on 6 August 2023
Category Games
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Infinity 8 Ball Features

Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk

Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk

Below are some of the features of the Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk.

Magical Cues And Abilities

The heart of the gameplay lies in the magical cues. Each cue possesses unique abilities that elevate your billiards skills to extraordinary levels. Whether it’s adding spin, precision aiming, or enhancing power, these mystical cues become your ultimate tools to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Thrilling Single-Player Campaign

Embark on an immersive single-player campaign, where you progress through enchanting levels filled with challenging puzzles and skill-based tasks. Each level is carefully designed to test your billiards prowess and strategic thinking, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout your journey.

Exciting Multiplayer Modes

Infinity 8 Ball offers various multiplayer modes to compete against players from around the world. Take part in thrilling head-to-head matches, showcase your skills in tournaments, or join leagues to climb the ranks and become the ultimate billiards champion.

Engaging Challenges And Rewards

The game boasts an array of captivating challenges, including time-limited events and special tournaments. As you triumph in these challenges, you earn exciting rewards like in-game currency, exclusive cues, and power-ups, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Customization And Progression

Personalize your billiards journey by customizing your cue collection and table designs. As you progress through the game, you unlock new cues with powerful abilities, enabling you to level up and conquer even more challenging levels.

Online and Offline Gameplay

Enjoy the convenience of playing online matches against real players or switch to offline mode to practice your skills and master the art of billiards. Whether you have an internet connection or not, the magic of the game is always at your fingertips.


This game weaves magic into the classic 8-ball pool, elevating the gameplay to new heights of thrill and adventure. The mystical cues, with their unique abilities, empower players to master the art of billiards like true wizards of the table. With its diverse modes, from a thrilling single-player campaign to exciting multiplayer battles, Infinity 8 Ball Mod Apk offers a delightful variety of challenges. Whether facing off against AI opponents or real players from around the world, every match becomes a magical experience filled with twists and turns. So don’t forget to hit the download button before you leave.