Injustice Mod

Get into the world of the fighting arena by building your roster of characters and superheroes. Injustice Mod Apk is about the thrilling fight between epic heroes and supervillains in the real environment.

Injustice Mod Apk

Injustice Mod Apk

Rot your army against the enemies and play with real heroes around the world. You cannot miss this epic free game where you will surely enjoy every move of the super character. The Full Name of this game is Injustice Gods Among Us Mod Apk. This means you will get unlimited money as well as all characters unlocked.

You will have an open choice to set your character against your own selected villain. Your villain will charge against your combat.

Three selected super characters will fight against 3 supervillains in combat. With mesmerizing graphics, this game is suitable for people of all ages.

No matter to which age group you belong once you get into the game officially you will surely enjoy it and will be addicted to it sooner or later.

In short Injustice game is all about a thrilling fight between combat of 3 and those 3 characters are selected as by your choice.

Additional Information

Name Injustice Gods Among Us
Size 1.5 GB
Ratings 4.4
Total Downloads 10 M+
Offered by Warner Bro
Updated on 4 May 2022
Category Games
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Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us


Just like any other fighting game, you will be using your fingers to swipe over the screen of the phone. You will use gestures like swipe, move, hit from the screen.

The graphics of the Injustice Mod Apk is so responsive and flexible that you will enjoy the sophisticated environment of the fight.


With learned tactics of the fight, you will learn new experiences in the game, Injustice Mod Apk is all about implementing tactics and strategies at right time.

Level Up

Use your cards wisely to get more powerful, fulfill the task on time, and with enough amount of coins to get be promoted to the next stage.

Every succeeding stage will be linked up to the previous one, your scores will put an impact on your cards and scores too.

Real Opponents

Get real opponents in the game, his game will be connected to users in online mode and everyone will have its profile and player cards.

Real opponents will give thrilling fun in the game will make this game so realistic that you will sometimes feel like being in the real battleground.

Player Cards

On the player card, the player profile and his progress in the game will be displayed, having a playing card will let you select your opponent and the player mate after seeing his profile and progress in the game.

If you want to in the game then choose players with good remarks over their play card, this will surely lead you to win the game.

Stunning Graphics

This thrilling game is rendered in a complete 3D model, you will enjoy each second spent in the game as it gives so realistic effect and provides you interface-like simulator more than a fighting game.

Power Moves

Depending upon the powers of the player each player will be got its own basic and unique moves so make the combat of characters having unique powers as if you do so the winning progress of the game will be in your favor.




Injustice Mod Apk is no doubt a bundle of enjoyment in one pack, you will be surprised how responsive this game is and the stunning graphics of this game will surely make you shocked.

Although this game is really like any thrilling game played on play station yet it comes for devices of smaller size like your phone, tablet, etc. You can enjoy it over smaller devices right over your palm.