Knife Hit Mod

There is a need for games that are not too time-consuming and they do jot either ask you to put in a lot of mental work. These are casual arcade games that provide equal fun to their users.

The Knife Hit Mod Apk is also such a game that doesn’t require you to put in a lot of effort and you can easily pass the levels in your free time.

Game Overview

Knife Hit Mod Apk

Knife Hit Mod Apk

This is an arcade knife-throwing game that anyone can play anywhere. You have to throw knives at the wooden circle and after that, you have to make sure that it breaks.

In this game, you will get a limited quantity of knives at each level. So your aim should be accurate enough to cover all sides of the wooden block. It is the only way through which you can break the wooden item.

One thing to note here is that the wooden item is constantly moving and rotating so aiming is going to be tough. Along with that, there are some distractions too that make it difficult for the players to aim at the block accurately.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 62.9Mb
Ratings 4+
Updated on 4 November 2022
Category Games
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Knife Hit Gameplay

Knife Hit Mod Apk

Knife Hit Mod Apk

The game is all about hitting your target and breaking it into pieces. The more quickly you do this the more points you get. There are also some apples at which if you aim you will get extra points.

But there are some steel and metal spots in the wood. They are to be avoided. Hitting them results in a loss in the knife and turn. So you will lose points also.

There are plenty of customizable knives available. You can easily customize your knife with different designs and colors. So lots of options are available to you here in the Knife Hit Mod Apk.

Knife Hit Features

Knife Hit

Knife Hit

Let’s talk about the features of the Knife Hit Mod Apk below.

Hit Apples For More Points

The game gives you the chance to get some extra points while you play. You can hit the apples and then you will get extra points. The more apples you hit the more points and rewards you will get.

Break The Wood

Your ultimate goal in this game is to break the wood. You can hit the wood and break it by covering its all sides with the knives. As you have a limited number of knives so you have to aim for the right spots.

Avoid The Metal Spots

The wood has some metal spots on it. These are the spots that you need to avoid. If you hit them the knives will be wasted. And your turn will go to waste. So they are not to be hit.

Customize Your Knives

If you hit enough apples and then collect lots of points you will get the chance to grab some of the exciting customized options for your knives. You have different designs and different colored knives for yourself.

Regular And Boss Level

Some different matches and levels are normal. You can easily pass them and when you pass them, at the end there comes a boss level that is very hard for the players. So extreme level skill is needed to pass those levels.


Here I will conclude the topic with these thoughts that the Knife Hit Mod Apk is the best arcade game that can help you pass your free time very easily. You just have to hit for the right spots and the game will be in your favor. So download it now and enjoy hitting and breaking the wood with your aims.