Mad Day 2 Mod

We are back with yet another 2D action arcade game that will bring you on your toes while playing it. The most thrilling action is waiting for you at the other end of the Mad Day 2 Mod APK. So get ready to dive into the action-packed 2D game and help Bob the marine fight with evil aliens of outer space.

Game Overview

Mad Day 2 Mod Apk

Mad Day 2 Mod Apk

Just like old-school action arcade games, this game also starts with a story of its own. The plot of the game is beautifully designed. Your main playable character is Bob the marine who is an ex-marine soldier and now is on retirement and enjoying his life.

But the action and thrill never leave him as his city has been attacked by unwanted guests. These guests are the aliens who have come to the planet Earth to destroy it.

So now you have to help bob in fighting these aliens as they have also captured bob’s pet. They are very dangerous as they have immense power and are the most advanced weapons of mass destruction.

So your only goal is to complete all the required tasks and kill each alien to be able to rescue your pet and save your city from the attacks of these creatures.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Size 50 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 November 2022
Category Games
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Mad Day 2 Gameplay

Mad Day 2

Mad Day 2

Most arcade games nowadays have the most boring gameplay. But the case is different with the Mad Day 2 Mod APK. Here you will get the most thrill and action of your lifetime.

Your character Bob has a truck. And you have to transform that truck into a war machine by equipping it with rockets, guns, and bombs. This is due to the reason that your enemies are way too advanced in their weapons. So you have to do something to beat them.

Mad Day 2 Features

Mad Day 2

Mad Day 2

Below are some of the amazing features of the Mad Day 2 Mod APK. Read them and then don’t forget to download the game from the link provided.

100 Of Character Combinations

You have the main character Bob. And you have tons of items with which you can transform bob in terms of appearance. You have different clothing items that can be used to add some cool look to your fighting character.

Unlock 3 More Cars

Bob has a truck that he uses for his travel purposes. But in the game, there are 3 more deadly cars equipped with different sorts of weapons that you can unlock. They are far superior to Bob’s truck and they can help you in defeating these aliens easily.

Fight The Aliens

In this 2D action arcade game, your only task is to fight with these aliens. You have to transform your car into a war machine and get your hands on some deadly weapons so that you can fight these horrific creatures and make them pay for their actions.

Unlock More Weapons

Apart from the starting guns and rockets that you will get, you can unlock more weapons. As the aliens are not there to be beaten by you. They are always improving and coming back with a stronger army. So you must have advanced weapons to defeat them.


If you want an amazing arcade game and you don’t have too much space left on your phones, then you can try this Mad Day 2 Mod APK. It has all of the things that you need in an action game from high-tech weapons to amazing cut scenes and animations. And most importantly it comes with a story plot backed by tons of missions to accomplish. So download the game now and enjoy.