Mafia City Mod

As we have played many story-based gangster games in our childhood on our PCs and playing those games on PCS with the rest of your gang was always interesting.

Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City Mod Apk

Mafia City Mod Apk is like those gangster games, where you and the rest of your gang will be raiding your city. This game will provide you with almost every feature that you have played over GTA Vice city. Note in our Hack apk you will get unlimited Money, Gold, and Gems free.

The main storyline and the graphics of this game are no doubt like GTA vice city with some amendments. The graphics of the game has put a great impact on the popularity of this gangster gamer.

You will be asked to expand your gang’s circle also by developing good relationships with your family. Trading over the deadly weapon, fighting with another gangster, building your new house, and making good relations with the rest of the members of your family will be key features of this game.

Additional Information

Name Mafia City
Ratings 4.2
Size 79 MB
Total Downloads 50 M+
Offered by YottaGames
Updated on 4 May 2022
Category Games
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Mafia City

Mafia City

Create gang

The very first task of this amazing game will be to create your gang first, gang created by you will follow you throughout the game. It means your created game will support you in the keep going progress of this game.

Develop Family

Besides creating a gang, your next step will be creating and developing your family and good relationship with them. Using all available resources first you will be asked to develop your family then to establish good relationships with them.

Arm Dealing

As the main theme, if this game is to start Arm trading throughout the world, your business will be established on your armed weapons.

Your job will be to smuggle those armed weapons around the world with much care that every time you will be checked for the weapons smuggling and once on getting caught will put impact over the business deal of you with another gangster.


Being single you will enjoy other features of the game like picking up new girls every day in your car and dating them. If you do not want to develop your family your next option will be to date new girls every day instead of developing your family.


The developers have put their best effort toward the best graphics of this application, as once you start playing this you will surely be impressed by the graphics of this application.

With live and HD animation it looks like any gangster movie scene more than an android mobile application.

Story Mode

As mentioned at the start the game is entirely based on the story mode where first the story will be narrated through the guidepost and you will be asked to accomplish all assigned tasks as the game will proceed further.

Once you get to forget about the assigned task you can read it again through the guidepost of this application.


Every time you will over through the streets and roads in the game your location will be shown upon the love map, this map will also let you find out your destination and can mark up to that location to make your rest of the gangster fellows assisted.


Mafia City

Mafia City

No doubt this mobile game is competing for the level of any other high-end PC game, this application is well designed and has the best graphics features ever.

We personally suggest you this game if you are really in need of any gangster game covering the underworld mafia story. This game will surely make you addicted to it.