Match Master Mod

If you love board games and want to solve puzzles, then this game is made for you. The Match Master Mod Apk is a matching game where you have to match the same type of items with each other and on matching they get destroyed you are left with points.

Game Overview

Match Master Mod Apk

Match Master Mod Apk

Everyone knows about the match puzzle games, where you have a board full of items and you have to make the same items appear in one row or column when you do this you will get a score and those items are deleted.

But the Match Master Mod Apk is not like these ordinary matching games. Rather in this game, you have to play against a real player. Yes in other games you play solo and you are the lone decider of the puzzle board.

But in this game, 2 players play on the same board. So this thing makes this game even more difficult and tricky as you have to decide you each move in advance. For example, you go for matching a row on your turn but as a result, you make way for the opponent so that he will get to match 3 more rows in his turn.

So every move of yours in this Match Master Mod Apk is a decider of what type of arrangement your opponent will get on his turn. And same is the case with your opponent as well.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Ratings 4+
Size 137MB
Updated on 9 August 2022
Category Games
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Match Master Gameplay

Match Master Mod Apk

Match Master Mod Apk

The game Match Master Mod Apk is a 2 player PVP multiplayer game with lots of playing options. You apart from competing against your opponent in real-time matching the tiles, have other things to do as well.

Like you can collect different stickers and add them to your collection. Apart from the sticker collection, you can also decorate your room with many different items. These secondary things in a game make this game more interesting and the player’s interest in built up in a game.

Match Master Features

The are some amazing features offered by the Match Master Mod Apk. We will be discussing some of them in the below section. So let’s have a look at them now.

Challenge Your Friends

As this is a multiplayer game that you can play with any person in the world, why not play with your friends? Yes, you can invite your friends for a quick face-off and be able to challenge them with your strategy-making skills.

Collectible Stickers

Add-ons in a game are a source of joy for any player. These are the things that although secondary to the gameplay but add value to any game. So in this game, you get to collect different stickers that you can ultimately add to your sticker collection. These stickers increase your XP and your level is increased as a result.

Power Boosters

In matching puzzle games, boosters are very important. Whenever you play a combo move or do a unique move, you get a booster that increases your points. In this game, you get a bomb booster that can be matched and it destroys more tiles in its range.

Offline Challenges

Sometimes the players don’t have an internet connection or they don’t want to play against anyone. In those cases, a single-play offline mode helps a game to make the player stick to it. So in this game, you will get challenge modes in the form of offline game modes so that you can also play solo yourself, alone.


A unique matching puzzle game with ingredients such as multiplayer PVP game mode and real-time matching along with sticker collection and powerful boosters asks to be downloaded. So don’t wait and download the Match Master Mod Apk Right now and enjoy matching against your friends.