MCPE Monster

If you were looking for the MCPE Monster edition, then you are at the right place. Basically, Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to explore, build, and create in a virtual world made up of blocks. In the game, players can encounter a variety of different creatures and mobs, including friendly animals, neutral mobs, and hostile mobs. Monsters are the type of hostile mobs that you will see more often in the game.

Game Overview

mcpe monster

mcpe monster

As discussed above, the Minecraft game is based on a world made up of blocks and only blocks. This sandbox-based game allows players to explore, build, and create different items and buildings in a virtual world made up of blocks.

As the game is not limited to only building and creating stuff and there is a lot more to like doing anything for survival that also includes fighting with the enemies and, one such type of enemy in Minecraft is the monster.

These monsters are aggressive mobs that attack players as they see them. They are found in a variety of biomes and locations, including caves, abandoned mineshafts, the Nether dimension, etc.

Zombies, skeletons, and creepers are some of the monsters to look for. And as this game is also related to survival action so monsters are a key part of the game’s survival element, as players must defend themselves from attacks and avoid being killed.

Additional Information

Name MCPE Monster
Required Android 4.4 and up
Version 1.19
Size 188 MB
Updated on 9 January 2023
Category Games
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mcpe monster

mcpe monster

MCPE Monster Apk is a version of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft that is designed for mobile devices. The gameplay of this game is similar to the gameplay of the original game, with players exploring, building, and creating in a virtual world made up of blocks.

In this game, players can explore a vast procedurally-generated world made up of different terrain, including forests, deserts, mountains, and caves. As they explore the world, players can gather resources, such as wood, stone, and ore, which can be used to craft a variety of tools, weapons, and other items.

MCPE Monster Features

Below are some of the major highlights of the MCPE Monster game that most Minecraft fans would not want to miss out on. So have a look at them below.

Kill The Monsters

In this game, monsters can be difficult to defeat, as they often have high health and can deal significant damage to players. However, players can use a variety of weapons and tactics to fight back and defeat monsters. For example, you can use swords, bows, and other weapons to attack monsters, or you can also build defenses and traps to keep monsters at bay.

Survive And Live

Apart from exploration and resource gathering, this game also features a variety of gameplay elements, such as survival, crafting, and combat. Players must gather food and resources to survive, and they must defend themselves from hostile mobs, such as monsters and animals. This survival strategy will make you stay longer in the game and you can live the life of your character.

Become Creative

The game also gives you the ability to create and build almost anything you can dream of. By using a variety of different blocks, you can construct buildings, create works of art, and even build entire worlds. The game’s creative mode allows you to build freely, while survival mode adds a more challenging element to the gameplay.

Vast Worlds To Explore

The major highlight of this game is its vast, procedurally-generated world that is filled with different terrains, such as forests, deserts, mountains, and caves. You can explore this world and discover a variety of hidden secrets and resources.


In conclusion, MCPE Monster is a feature-rich game that offers a vast, procedurally-generated world, a range of crafting and survival gameplay elements, and the ability to build and create almost anything. Its multiplayer support and customization options add even more depth and value to the game. So hit the download button and enjoy playing the game.