Build the city of your dream with Megapolis Mod Apk. No matter to which age group you belong feels free to develop your metropolis. In this real building stimulator, you will be assigned many tasks of building. Where you have to build your buildings.

Megapolis Mod Apk

Megapolis Mod Apk

You can expand your territory by building bridges that will be linked with other cities. By doing so you will find a roadway to access another city.

Make your own decision to make your city look prosperous. Once you get into this game you will learn many new strategies at every stage. And after getting full command over the strategies of this game you will have a free hand over the building infrastructure.

Build schools, colleges, houses, and even skyscrapers. In short build everything you wish to have in your city. In this game, you have to emphasize only the well usage of the land. Make sure not to waste a lot area of the land empty.

Additional Information

Name Megapolis Mod Apk
Version 5.60
Total downloads 50M+
Offered by Social Quantum Ltd.
Updated on 4 May 2022
Released on 20 Nov 2012
Category Games
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Ok right after reading the introduction you are still messing up with the basic features of this game. Don’t worry we will describe every feature of this game step by step. To continue reading the following mentioned main features offered by this game.

  • Realistic Buildings
  • Realistic Monuments
  • Discover Cities
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • High-tech Equipment
  • Industrial Complex
  • State Contest
  • Military Base
  • Get Reward

Realistic Buildings

Build realistic buildings of houses for the people of your town. Many designs of the building will be available for you just with a single tap.

Realistic Monuments

Have you ever wished to see the statue of liberty and many more popular monuments in the same streets? And always came with the answer that you can’t watch this dream come true. But with Megapolis you can make your dream come to life.

Build whatever you want to in your town. There will be no restriction over it. But just make sure not to waste a large area of land. Fill every blank space available with monuments and buildings.

Discover Cities

You can discover new cities by building a bridge over the river across your state. By doing so you will find the road map to get into the new city. Here you will be free to apply any strategy to the building. By discovering a new state it will be under your power. So you can apply your strategies for building there too.

Urban Infrastructure

As by discovering new states there will be a need for transport. You have to build a new transport facility for the people of your state to have access to each other.

You can build ring roads, airports, and ports just to make the connection between different cities through any means whether land, water, or by air.

High-tech Equipment

Equip your state with high-tech equipment. As for the prosperity of any state, scientific knowledge and skills are basic requirements. So you have to build buildings for scientific research in your town too. This will help you make your city called modern civilization.

Industrial Complex

Let your city grow in the industrial field too by building industrial areas for different products. By doing so it will put a direct impact on the prosperity of your state by earning revenue over products manufactured in industries.

State Contest

Once you make sure about the complete infrastructure of your state you can take part in the state contest with the rest of the state.

In this competition, the main goal will be the checking the best usage of resources for the building infrastructure of any state.

Military Base

For defense, purposes build the military bases for your state too. It will keep protecting your state from the outside world that is the other states.

Get Reward

On winning state contests, and building infrastructure you will be awarded new awards on daily basis. Which you can use later for the purchasing of building materials for your city. Earned prizes, and coins can be used later anytime for the betterment of the state.




Megapolis Mod Apk is no doubt one of the best building infrastructure games available on the google play store. This game is all about having fun building infrastructures, houses, and monuments. This game will surely let you get rid of boredom and learn new strategies for buildings


Q: Is this Megapolis that can be played offline?

Yes, this game is played in offline mode only.

Q: Do we need to stable internet connection for this Megapolis gameplay?

Yes but only in the case of updating the game and in purchasing the tools for infrastructures of building.