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Tired of playing the games created by the developers? The try Moments Choose Your Story Mod Apk With Unlimited Gems, Passes, and Diamonds. In which you will have an open choice to create your own story.

Moments Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Moments Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Your decisions taken for your character will put a direct impact on the ending of the game. SO take decisions wisely. Because whatever choice you will select will directly affect the outcomes of the game.

This game will let you choose your story. You will have a free hand to implement what you feel and think directly about the characters. It will help you take to enhance your decision-making skills.

Because you will watch the outcomes of your decisions in a real-time environment which will let you correct you at the spot about the decision you are taking. The game will let you truly follow your heart and let you know who you are.

Taking decisions between friendship and love will make you think more wisely about who your best friend is and who is going to betray you next.

Additional Information

Name Moments Choose Your Story
Version 1.1.9
Size 89 MB
Released On 18 February 2022
Developed By Stardust
Updated on 4 Feb 2021
Category Games
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Moments Choose Your Story

Moments Choose Your Story

Some of the main highlights and features of Moments Choose Your Story are mentioned below.

  • Create Story
  • Live Moments
  • Dress Up
  • Find Friends
  • Decision Making
  • Earn Rewards

Create Story

Create your own stories. The game will let you make your own stories using the best decisions of your own.

Your decisions will put a direct impact on your story’s outcome. Whatever you will choose between the choices you will see the outcomes differently.

Live Moments

Live your moments as you are living in real-world scenarios. If your decision-making skills are not so good play this game to live your real moments in the game.

Dress Up

After selecting between the choices dress up your character for the incoming event. Let’s just say if you have selected to attend a concert then dinner make your character dress up according to your choice.

But keep in mind your dress of the character should be according to the event going to happen. Because the dress of your character will put a direct effect on the outcome of the event too. Your character will be judged based on your personality.

Find Friends

Polish the skills of your characters to make friends. Let your character talk with other friends in the game and make decisions about them.

Decision Making

If you think you need to polish your decision-making skills then we highly recommend you play Moments Choose Your Story Mod Apk.

It will let you make decisions wisely as the effect of the decisions will be seen directly in the form of the outcomes of the game.

Decision-making is not only important to tackle the situation you are having in the real world but is important for you to survive.

Earn Rewards

After completion of the story, you will be awarded many coins and rewards which you can use later to buy in-app items.

Those items can be accessories, gadgets for your character along it you can use those rewards to unlock any succeeding chapter.

Modded Version

Its Modded version will let you earn more rewards free of cost. There will be no restriction over skipping any chapter and jumping on the next one.


If you are tired of playing games with the pre-defined results then try Moments Choose Your Story Mode Apk. As mentioned above the game is all about decision-making and taking decisions wisely.

The game is not just a typical game but is a novel-themed one. You will write your own stories and be watching the outcomes of your own stories.

Every chapter will have its beautiful ending depending on the choice you are making. So first think and then make decisions about your stories.


Q: Are Moments Choose Your Story free of cost?

Yes, it is. You can download it directly free of cost.

Q: Are Moments Choose Your Story available on the google play store?

Yes, this game is available on the google play store.

Q: How can we download the Modded version of Moments Choose Your Story?

If you want to download its Modded version click on the above-mentioned link. It will directly start the installation of the Modded version of the game without asking for any personal information.