Monster Legends Mod

If you are fed up playing games based on superheroes and are willing to try something new then try this Monster Legends Mod Apk. The game has the unique idea in which you will have a baby monster and you will be assigned the task of growing that monster baby.

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Once you get succeeded in that start growing their generation. Later on, you will be asked to increase the territory area for the monsters.

Because the growth rate of the monsters will depend upon the food they intake and the area and buildings they are living in. Further ore the graphics of the Monster Legend make it worth downloading.

Additional Information

Version 11.0.5
Updated on

18 February 2022

Size 104 MB
Total downloads 5M+
Offered by Social point
Released on 12 Jun 2014
Category Games
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Monster Legends

Monster Legends

If you are wondering about the feature of Monster Legend then read the entire article. We have highlighted the main points and features you will find in this game.


Collect as many monsters as you can. Almost 500 monsters from different categories can be added to your favorite list. Many more monsters are being added to the game with every update too.

Add monsters to your team and get stronger to get the charge against your opponents. A greater number of monsters will let you win the assigned challenges.


Breed monsters with food, drink, and energy potions to make them grew quickly. Bred monsters will let you grow your team too.

Once monsters are bred enough. Merge them ad use their powers to make a new monster using their powers. Monsters will have their powers.

Merging their power will make a new monster with totally new powers and appearance. Add that monster to your team and start breeding it too.

Own team

Create your strong team against monsters. Once you have created your team recruit them and charge against the monsters. If you found any strong player in the team like that as your favorite one. And start playing with that teammate whenever you want to.

Join Team

If you couldn’t create any strong and well-equipped team against the monsters then join any other team as a member. Request for that team if your player card will meet their basic requirements you will be added as the team member for the requested team.

Monster Paradise

Create your paradise for monsters. Add trees, buildings, worship buildings, mountains, etc. to give your monsters enough space to breed in.

Those created buildings and other stuff will act as the powerhouse of the monsters and they will get much power from those items.

Unlock Building

Complete any assigned task like breeding and growing of monster you will be rewarded with coins and awards which you can use later to unlock new monsters and the buildings too. Buy energy potions and food for your monsters that will let you grow your monster more quickly.


The game has highly intense graphics, every monster’s character and the rest of the objects in the game have detailed graphics thus seeming like real-world objects. The game is adored by the users for its graphics as it gives a realistic view to the players.


Monster Legends

Monster Legends

As the Monster Legends Mod Apk is about monsters breeding and growing, players who love to play monsters games will adore this game.

You can think of a monster as a new baby and you will be the caretaker of that monster, breed and make that monster grow into a big monster through using strategy.

Bes sure about the food, drink you are giving to the monster. Along with that the place the monster living in must be clean and large enough to survive in for monsters.


Q: Is Monster Legends is available on the google play store?

Its official version is available on the google play store but its Modded version can be downloaded from the provided link.

Q: Is Monster Legend is free of cost?

Yes, both of its versions are freely available on the internet. You can install and play any time free of cost.

Q: Does the Monster Legend Modded version include in-app purchases?

No, it does not. And it is the key benefit of its Modded version that it will never ask you to buy any in-app purchases. You can face this restriction only in its official version.